THE VOID Really Delivers Its 80s Horror Promise
Splattered blood. A man’s body on the floor. Another terrified man runs out of the small, quaint farmhouse. He turns to see a woman, equally as terrified, run out of the same house, immediately followed by two grim, determined men. One of the men takes aim and BLAM! The... Read more
Patriot Floorless Coaster Opens at California’s Great America
Hello, horror fans. Today we bring you a look at the premier theme park for Haunt in Norther California… in the off Haunt season! California’s Great America is known for it’s rather large yearly Haunt, boasting new and fan favorite mazes ready to scare frighten you. But certain recent... Read more
WonderCon Weekend Wrap Up
As I walked out of the Anaheim Convention Center late Sunday afternoon, a familiar wave of emotions washed over me. First being exhaustion, second was bittersweetness and third was disappointment that this con was only three days. For the past several years WonderCon had reminded me of the old... Read more