Mysterious Meeting with Order of Bileth Leads to Parking Garage Encounter
A while back, while at the Halloween Club Spookshow event in La Mirada, I had a weird thing happen.  Not at the event so much as, when I got back to the car, there was a flier tucked under my wiper blade on my windshield. I hate it when... Read more
Jordskott Episode 2 on Shudder
Jordskott is quickly becoming our new obsession! You can watch the first episode, which we highly recommended you do, on Shudder. Shudder is quickly becoming horror fans go to the streaming platform! You want to watch a cult classic, Shudders go it! So go watch the first episode of Jordskott on Shudder! So let’s... Read more
Elsewhere High: Chapter 1 Starts Off On The Wrong Foot
Elsewhere High: Chapter 1 is a horror-themed visual novel. Now, the visual novel is a hard style of game to do well in the first place since they have to rely entirely on their writing and not their actual gameplay. Adding horror into the equation just makes it that... Read more
Interview with The Bye Bye Man Makeup Master Robert Kurtzman
As many of our readers know, the epic celebrations of horror that is Monsterpalooza happened this past weekend at the Pasadena Convention Center. One of the best panels of the weekend was the special presentation that heralded the arrival of The Bye Bye Man on DVD. Kurtzman is the... Read more
RED CHRISTMAS Starring Dee Wallace to be released by Artsploitation Films
Artsploitation Films announced it acquired the US rights from Devilworks for Australian horror film Red Christmas. The film is directed by veteran television director and producer Craig Anderson. The dark, violent, and sickly twisted tale had its world premiered at Sydney Film Festival, its North American premiere at Fantasia Festival and... Read more
We have a new Obsession, Jordskott on Shudder
We have an incredible new series for you to obsess over and it is available only on Shudder. We’ve been watching the series and we are hooked!  You can catch the first episode now on Shudder and take my word you will never look at nature the same way again. So... Read more