Trailer for Behind The Sightings is TERRIFYING
Nope. The word you will say over and over again when viewing the new teaser trailer for an upcoming horror film called, Behind the Sightings. The disturbing physiological thriller, ‘Behind the Sightings’, inspired by hours of footage from scary clown sightings recorded in 2016, has released its first teaser... Read more
Spend An Exclusive Evening With THE WILLOWS and HORRORBUZZ
For months now, you have heard people rave about THE WILLOWS, the fantastic new immersive show from the minds that brought you Creep LA. In fact, you’ve heard it here many, many times. Tickets have been going fast every time they release a new batch of them, but we... Read more
Thumper Brings Rhythm Violence To The Switch
If you’re an early adopter of the Nintendo Switch like me, you’re probably a little starved for some quality content. Sure, the new Zelda game is great (and I would even go so far as to say that if nothing else good is ever released for the Switch, I... Read more
The Return of “Tales From Tomorrow” Takes You Back to a Dark Future
Force of Nature is proud to announce the anticipated return of “Tales From Tomorrow.” Being compared to Black Mirror and Twilight Zone, “Tales” flagship run in April played to Sold-Out houses in North Hollywood, CA.  Now it’s back! Six New stories from an unknown future from a world eerily similar,... Read more