Flesh of the Void Trailer Will Make You Fear Death More Than You Already Did
Sodom & Chimera has released the new trailer for Flesh of the Void! We are excited! The feature-length film is Austrian filmmaker James Quinn’s debut, following the endo of principal photography. After a number of shorts, Quinn turns his eye on the threshold of death.      Flesh of the Void... Read more
Brave The Dark is Returning to Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre
Get ready kiddies. Our beloved, benevolent undertaker of disturbing theatre is pushing boundaries again. His first concept in immersive, original horror theatre is returning with a bold new production to mark the 25th Silver-Anniversary-Season of Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre Group. Their with their all-new fun n’ freaky immersive-production that... Read more
BLOOD DYNASTY Announces Release
Noted film critic (ComingSoon.net), magazine editor (FANGORIA, DELIRIUM), composer (Music for Murder) and filmmaker (Blood for Irina, Female Werewolf, the upcoming Blue Eyes) Chris Alexander’s latest “fever dream” feature film Blood Dynasty will drip exclusively onto select streaming platforms on Halloween 2017 (October 31) from newly minted distributor Castle... Read more
Evil Dead the Musical Possesses at The Maverick Theater
Fullerton California just got a little more evil, bloody, and strangely musical. If you are a fan of horror you have probably seen all three of the Evil Dead movies (and most likely more than a few times.)  The chainsaw wielding wisecracking Ash is kind of the ultimate anti-hero,... Read more