“Viktor” Reconnects with Tulip and PREACHER
Episode 4 of this wonderful season of Preacher begins right at the same moment as episode 3 ended: Tulip is in the laundromat surrounded by Viktor’s thugs. She is disarmed and led away to the black SUV. Meanwhile, Jesse shows up at Denis’s place and asks Cassidy about Tulip.... Read more
Trailer For Mr. Mercedes Drives Onto Our Screens
As a massive Stephen King fan, I am excited for all that is to come: The Dark Tower premieres in August, The Mist is covering AMC, It will shortly be crawling out of the sewers, and JJ Abrams is traveling to Castle Rock. And now, one of my other... Read more
Hounds of Love Rips Out Your Heart, Totally Worth It
Hounds of Love is an Australian thriller from writer/director Ben Young, who has previous experience in short films and TV. I was excited to get a chance to review this one given some early positive buzz and the film wastes no time in making its caliber known. From the... Read more
E3 2017 Presents A Weak Offering For Horror Fans
Unfortunately this week we will not be continuing our series on the failed The Suffering franchise, because I am still waiting for my copy of the sequel to arrive in the mail. Instead of continuing to look backwards, we’re going to be looking forwards. The gaming industry’s biggest annual... Read more