CarousHELL is a Deliriously, Campy, Bloody, Bonkers Flick

CarousHELL is a Deliriously, Campy, Bloody, Bonkers Flick

Filmmaker Steve Rudzinski delivers Caroushell, a deliriously absurd, laugh-out-loud gorefest about a killer carousel horse unicorn. That’s all that you need to know. Preorder the film at

caroushell3One day, Duke (Voiced by Steve Rimpici), the carousel unicorn reaches his breaking point. After years of faithful service as a figure on a spinning contraption, one bratty kid climbs aboard and smears one too many boogers on his otherwise pristine white enamel coat. The kid’s name? Lunchbox (Teague Shaw). A loudmouth slob of a kid that bristles when his social media consumed older sister, Laurie (Sé Marie) takes him to the local family fun park to let him burn off energy. Once Lunchbox has ridden Duke, and Laurie has ridden her boyfriend, they head off to a party at her friend’s house, leaving a sentient carousel horse in their wake. Duke the horse vows to track them down and kill anyone that gets in his way, along with a few other kills for good measure.The film then devolves into a slasher-esque pic as a house of roudy, horny teens are picked off, one by one by a horned stallion of death, during a house party.

caroushell1The only person, or thing rather, that can stop Duke and his stampede of carnage is Captain Cool (P.J. Maynard), the cowboy mascot at the park from whence our killer came. Yes, the living unicorn must be stopped by a bobble-headed costume character. Duh!

No, this is not a well-made film with the polish and gloss that you expect from, say, a Tyler Perry masterpiece. This was a flick shot digitally on a Cannon 6D, over 12 days. The production levels are on par with what you would find surfing YouTube. Sound levels that are bouncing all over the place, lighting is either waining daylight shots or existing interior lighting for the most part, and the acting is way over the top. But none of that is the point. If you are laughing? Grossing out? That is the point.

caroushell2Yes, I know what you are thinking.  You are thinking, “WTF?” and rightfully so! Thankfully, this film never ever even thinks about taking itself too seriously. If John Waters’ films are campy, this is downright rustic. What’s more, it keeps moving at a clip, or rather a fast trot. The two things that this oddball gem has going for it is a script that is actually funny when the conceit begins to fray, and the absolute conviction that the entire cast and crew have to the joke. The script by Rudzinski and co-writer Aleen Isley is broad, surreal and ludicrously silly. For instance, in one scene Duke suddenly dons a pizza delivery costume to fool the teenagers into letting him into the house. Yes. That happens.

In the end, CarousHELL is a gleeful, absurdist slasher flick that succeeds where Rubber (2011) about a killer tire, fell flat. Rudzinski and his cast and crew can practically heard laughing off screen at the insanity they are shooting and it is glorious fun. I haven’t laughed out loud this much in a single movie all year. As Duke says in the movie, “Don’t be such an asshole to things. You never know what random object is a raging homicidal maniac.” Point taken.

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Genre: Comedy, Horror
Runtime: 1hr. 8 Mins.
Directed By:
Steve Rudzinski
 Written By: Steve  Rudzinski, Aleen Isley


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