ASH VS EVIL DEAD Gets Season 3 Premiere Date
Alright you primitive screw heads, listen up. Starz has finally released the premiere date for Season 3 of Ash Vs. Evil Dead, along with some key art, and boy, are we excited! The ten-episode long third season will premiere Sunday, February 25 at 9 PM!  And what’s this season about? Ash’s... Read more
American Horror Story: Roanoke hits DVD and Blu-ray TODAY!
Say what you will, but I think that Roanoke is one of the most creative seasons of the endlessly entertaining FX series, American Horror Story. Ranking third for me just under Asylum as the best season ever, and Murder House as a classic ghost story, Roanoke is like a Mad... Read more
LORE Comes to Amazon with a Delightful Trailer
Amazon brings great news to the horror audience! Amazon announced the premiere date for their Original Series Lore. The date is set for Friday, October 13 on Prime Video. Lore is based on the popular podcast which has an average of five million monthly listens. The anthology series presents the... Read more
PREACHER’s Episode 11 Opens a Few “Backdoors”
A disturbing image: a hand-made wooden coffin is being dragged up from the depths of a swamp.  The lid is drilled off and, surprisingly, there is a young boy inside. Alive.  He is dragged and and shoved to the ground, where he kneels in front of an older woman.... Read more
AHS Cult Episode 2 Review and Recap
We open with Ally springing out of bed in terror as she finds a clown sleeping with her. She and her wife go back to inspect, nothing there. Their son Ozzy wakes up and turn his nightlife on. Twisty is in his room, he climbs under the bed, the... Read more
Only one team is brave enough to answer the call of the Great Cosmic Algorithm and defend Earth against the Evil Overlordess Rutina in “Mystic Cosmic Patrol,” a Super Sentai Tokusatsu parody which debuted August 24 on Funny Or Die. The Mystic Cosmic Patrol adventure continues in the season’s second episode, “Potty Mouth-... Read more
American Horror Story Cult Brandishes Paranoia in Season Opener
Using the 2016 US election as a starting point, Cult focuses on two opposing characters enslaved to fears real and imagined. Our seventh season of American Horror Story begins, as Ryan Murphy promised, on election night 2016. Michigan; Two households are glued to their flat screen TVs. In one,... Read more
PREACHER Reveals a “Dirty Little Secret” in Episode 10
When last we saw Jesse, Starr had walked up to him in a bar and introduced himself.  Before we can continue with that scene, however, we must travel back in time about two millennia, where we see a young man making passionate and sensual love to a woman who,... Read more
Final Season of MTV’s TEEN WOLF Arrives on October 24th
Gather the pack one last time: the groundbreaking series Teen Wolf will be coming to DVD this October 24th. Fans will be howling for the complete DVD box set that arrives just in time for Halloween! Teen Wolf Season 6 Part 2 DVD Special Features includes a “Farewell to Beacon Hills.”  ... Read more
MYSTIC COSMIC PATROL Series Debut on Funny Or Die August 24
There is only one team that is brave enough to answer the call of the Great Cosmic Algorithm and defend Earth against the Evil Overlordess Rutina! Get ready to experience the powers that the Mystic Cosmic Patrol have. “Mystic Cosmic Patrol” is a Super Sentai Tokusatsu parody that debuted August... Read more