What Happens in JORDSKOTT Episode 6, Things Got Real For Silverhöjd
All there is to say about episode 6 of Jordskott is Holy Shit! Jordskott has taken a crazy turn as the new events begin to unfolded. Don’t miss a single episode of this new addicting series available only on Shudder! Trust us when we say Jordskott is the supernatural horror series you do not... Read more
The Z Virus Episode 3: Nowhere to Hide
After the meteor destroyed most of the eastern seaboard, AJ, Gina, Nicole, Curtis, Apple, and David must find a way to survive. As the world becomes a lawless place new alliances must be formed but it may not be too easy. The world they once knew is gone and replaced... Read more
JORDSKOTT Episode 5 begins to reveal the truth of Siverhöjd
Secrets are beginning to surface, literally and Silverhöjd may not be able to survive the 21st century any longer.  If you haven’t see the first four episodes head on over to Shudder and binge watch them! Jordskott is exclusively on Shudder, where all things horror roams and we promise you... Read more
Secrets are escaping from the woods of Jordskott in episode 4
Another day another murder in the picturesque Silverhöjd! Jordskott’s story line is becoming so entangled that I can not help but wiggle in my seat with anticipation of the next episode. If you haven’t already seen the first three episodes of Jordskott go on and head over to Shudder... Read more
Scary Endings Returns With AM I BEAUTIFUL?
After a little bit of a break our friends at Scary Endings have unleashed another nasty piece of work. AM I BEAUTIFUL? plays on the legend of Kuchisake-onna (‘Slit-mouthed Woman”). This is also the first time their crew has attempted shooting a short on iPhone. It comes out looking pretty good.... Read more
We Investigate Jordskott episode 3 Shudder
New revelation and new secrets continue to emerge in Siverhöjd. Have you seen the last two episodes? You haven’t then you should go on over to Shudder and watch the series we are in love with. We’ve been keeping up with Jordskott on Shudder, where all things horror lives and duels,... Read more
Jordskott Episode 2 on Shudder
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We have a new Obsession, Jordskott on Shudder
We have an incredible new series for you to obsess over and it is available only on Shudder. We’ve been watching the series and we are hooked!  You can catch the first episode now on Shudder and take my word you will never look at nature the same way again. So... Read more
LUCIFER Upcoming Season is Going to be a Hell of a Good Time!
Oh, my devil! Get ready for the amazingness! Wondercon got heated with the presence of Lucifer at Anaheim and it was amazing!  Stars Rachel Harris, Kevin Alejandro, Lesley-Ann Brandt, and executive producers Joe Henderson and Iidy Modrovich shared their thoughts about the upcoming Season 2 stand alone episodes and their... Read more
MIDNIGHT, TEXAS is sure to be a summer hit!
Witches, demons, angels, shapeshifter, and are coming this summer with the new NBC supernatural thriller Midnight, Texas! It should be a dervish of a good summer! I can honestly say without a doubt that this series will be a hit. I was a fan of True Blood and I... Read more