Holliston Season 3 Is In The Works
After it’s 2 year hiatus, the loss of one of it’s beloved cast members (RIP Dave Brockie lead singer of the rock band GWAR), and the loss of the amazing FEARnet Network… Holliston is arising from the grave returning for SEASON 3! Holliston is a horror sit-com that aired... Read more
First Trailer for Ash vs. Evil Dead
After many years of waiting, he’s finally here. Ash is back. And ready to kick some deadite ass. Last night at Comic-Con, Starz premiered the first trailer for Bruce Campbell’s return to the Evil Dead franchise, and it is hilariously awesome. See for yourself! Come on. If that didn’t... Read more
The Walking Dead – Season 6 & Spin Off Trailers
It’s Comic-Con weekend, so there is a ton of news coming out for us horror fans. For example, during The Walking Dead panel, they showed this trailer for the upcoming 6th season of the hit show. The show has always been hit or miss for me, with some episodes... Read more
A (Very) Brief Look at Mulder and Scully In Action
Remember the bad taste that that terrible C.U.J.O. news left in your mouth earlier today? Well, forget about it. Here’s something that will cleanse your palate. FOX just recently a brand new trailer for their “201 Days Of The X-Files“, which also includes a (very) brief look at Fox... Read more
Groovy! Here’s your first look at Ash!
This week can’t get any better for me. Not only did we get our first look at images from The X-Files revival the other day, but now we get to see the very first image of Bruce Campbell from Ash vs. Evil Dead. Bruce Campbell. As Ash. For the... Read more
A Look At The X-Files Revival
Mulder and Scully are back. This is a thing, you guys. This is actually happening. Yesterday, Entertainment Weekly dropped a nice big photo bomb on everyone, and shared a first look at the revival of The X-Files, which is currently shooting in Vancouver. The shots don’t show off anything... Read more
Hellevator is Coming to GSN
Life is filled with two kinds of people: those who don’t mind elevators, and those who are terrified of them. Something about being confined in a small space, while many stories above solid ground, just doesn’t sit right with some people. And rightfully so, if pop culture has taught... Read more
Uncle Mike Reviews: Hannibal
“This is my design.” –Will Graham Hannibal is a beautiful show. Gorgeous. Lovingly presented and shot, smoothly directed and edited, full of cool blues and warm reds. Lots and lots of warm reds. Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) is a criminal profiler for the FBI with the uncanny ability to get... Read more
American Horror Story: Freak Show Review
Let’s talk about the elephant in the room: after watching American Horror Story: Freakshow, I’ve wondered if the show has run its course, or at least, needs to change its formula a bit. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve actually quite enjoyed every season of the show since its inception,... Read more
Uncle Mike Reviews: Bates Motel
“She thinks there’s something wrong with me.” –Norman Bates Psycho. Psycho II. Psycho III. Psycho IV. Bates Motel (the failed pilot starring Bud Cort). And now Bates Motel, the re-booted story of Norman Bates, created by LOST‘s Carlton Cruse, Kerry Ehrin, and Anthony Cipriano. Did we really need another... Read more