Terrifying Television Halloween Tales You Need To See
So, you’re sitting at home on Halloween night, flickering jack-o-lanterns grinning on the porch, the wind moaning around your house (and, if you live in Southern California right now, the air conditioning on), and you’re wondering: what can I possibly watch on the TV that I haven’t seen before?... Read more
Ash Vs Evil Dead Returns for Season 2
Despite the fact that it hasn’t even aired a single episode yet, advance buzz on Ash Vs Evil Dead is so good that Starz just announced today that they renewed it for a second season! “One season isn’t enough to satisfy the fans’ two decade-long appetite for more Ash,”... Read more
“The Walking Dead” Season 6 – Episode 3 “Thank You” SPOILER HEAVY
Episode 3 Season 6 Recap and Review Breakdown: We are back with Rick, some of his bad-ass friends, and the rookies who just seem to whine a lot. They are still trying to fix the already way screwed up plan to save the Alexandria Compound from almost certain horde... Read more
American Horror Story: Hotel Has Some “Mommy” Issues
Episode 3: “Mommy” Freud would have a field day with this week’s trip to the Hotel Cortez. SPOILERS COMIN’ AT YA!! Tristan Duffy barges into the room where he met the ghost of James March last week, calling him out and demanding he show himself. Duffy wants to know... Read more
‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6, Episode 2 Review: ‘Just Survive Somehow’
I asked for the season to get going and the Walking Dead delivered big time.  This was an action episode.  It was another parallel episode, and it also managed to leave us scratching and puzzling where we are headed in the Alexandria Compound. The show starts with a very... Read more
Let’s Play “Chutes and Ladders” with American Horror Story: Hotel
Episode 2: Chutes and Ladders Welcome back to the Hotel Cortez, kids. Let’s play some games, hmmm? This week we were introduced to a new character or two, and we learned a few more secrets about the characters living at the Cortez. As always: SPOILERS ABOUND BELOW We open... Read more
“Checking In” To American Horror Story: Hotel
A new feature on this here Horrorbuzz thing, I’ll be doing a weekly recap and review of American Horror Story: Hotel. Let’s dive in! Episode 1, “Checking In”: Spoilers, kids. Tall, imposing, and not exactly in the best neighborhood, the Hotel Cortez looks like it has been standing for... Read more
Visiting the Oman House, Poltergeist on Blu-Ray
Do you believe in ghosts? Well last night, I was part of a paranormal investigation of the Oman House and sat in on Séance. Oman House, owned by David Oman, is supposedly the most actively haunted house in America. The house sits merely 150 feet from 10050 Cielo Drive,... Read more
THE MIST Rolls In As A TV Series
I absolutely love Stephen King’s novella The Mist. It’s short, but it is effectively creepy. When I was a kid, it kept me up late at night, hoping that the same thing wouldn’t happen in my town. Which is why, in 1993, I fell in love with The Mist... Read more
New AMERICAN HORROR STORY Trailer Offers Glimpses At Cast
It’s that time of the year again, when American Horror Story fans are itching for new information about their favorite show, and spend hours pouring over new footage to try to dissect it all. We’re late to the party on this one, but yesterday, a new trailer for Hotel... Read more