Trollhunters From Guillermo del Toro Coming This Month!
As huge fans of Guillermo del Toro we are excited to report that his latest project, Trollhunters, will be premiering this month! A must-see viewing event for the entire family, DreamWorks Trollhunters will bring viewers of all ages around the globe into the rich and creative world of this... Read more
SANTA CLAUS IS A VAMPIRE – 25 Days of Christmas Horror
Happy Monday and happy almost Christmas! Today we have a new episode FOR FREE from Scary Endings. Enjoy this subversive little piece of horror. Scary Endings Season 2 Episode 2 –  Scary Endings season 2 has begun. What is Scary Endings you ask? Well, it is a series of... Read more
Buffy in HD: issues and original team’s reactions.
It’s been more than two years since the high-definition version of the TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer aired for the first time in the US. It’s now available on Netflix US and was broadcasted in France earlier this year on the 6ter channel and in other countries. Some... Read more
Return to Roanoke: American Horror Story Episode 10
Paleyfest: March, 2016. The cast and producer of My Roanoke Nightmare take the stage to thunderous applause. This is Paleyfest, a real-life series of live fan-friendly Q & A sessions with all of your favorite TV show families. All of the personalities we have seen this season are in... Read more
Return To Roanoke: American Horror Story Episode 9
So. After last week’s cluster-eff of blood and violence, we start off this penultimate episode with some young men and women walking around the forest, recording everything with mounted GoPro cameras.  They are fans/bloggers/YouTubers with an insatiable desire to find the actual house that they’ve been writing about and... Read more
Return To Roanoke: American Horror Story Episode 8
Picking up exactly where we left off last week, Agnes gets her head split in two by the real Butcher. Shelby is remarkably calm upstairs in the bedroom while Dominic freaks the eff out. “I did not sign up for this shit!” Shelby suggests they head to the not-so-secret-anymore... Read more
Blu Ray Review – Into the Badlands
Into the Badlands is such a strange show, but I can’t help but be enthralled by it. On paper, it really shouldn’t work. Hell, I have no idea how this even made it past the green lighting process. But it’s basically set in the future, where guns have been... Read more
Return To Roanoke: American Horror Story Episode 7
We see night camera footage of a deer eating some grass near the production trailer for Return To Roanoke. In the background is a woman (Priscilla?) standing in the grass. There is a glitch in the camera signal, and she is gone. Inside the production trailer, Sidney is admiring... Read more
Return To Roanoke: American Horror Story Episode 6
When last we left our haunted characters, they had all (well…most of them) escaped from the horror house in Roanoke and seemed to be safe and sound. Well, physically at least. With 5 episodes left, where could they possibly go? Hang on, this gets twisty. A title card is... Read more
The Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere “The Wrath of Negan”
Do I even have to put a SPOILER ALERT!!! here? If you haven’t watched the show prepare for one of the most gut wrenching and disturbing episodes of any television program (and in fact many movies) I have ever seen. So Walking Dead writers, it’s time for a fresh start. ... Read more