The Z Virus Episode 3: Nowhere to Hide
After the meteor destroyed most of the eastern seaboard, AJ, Gina, Nicole, Curtis, Apple, and David must find a way to survive. As the world becomes a lawless place new alliances must be formed but it may not be too easy. The world they once knew is gone and replaced... Read more
JORDSKOTT Episode 5 begins to reveal the truth of Siverhöjd
Secrets are beginning to surface, literally and Silverhöjd may not be able to survive the 21st century any longer.  If you haven’t see the first four episodes head on over to Shudder and binge watch them! Jordskott is exclusively on Shudder, where all things horror roams and we promise you... Read more
We Investigate Jordskott episode 3 Shudder
New revelation and new secrets continue to emerge in Siverhöjd. Have you seen the last two episodes? You haven’t then you should go on over to Shudder and watch the series we are in love with. We’ve been keeping up with Jordskott on Shudder, where all things horror lives and duels,... Read more
Jordskott Episode 2 on Shudder
Jordskott is quickly becoming our new obsession! You can watch the first episode, which we highly recommended you do, on Shudder. Shudder is quickly becoming horror fans go to the streaming platform! You want to watch a cult classic, Shudders go it! So go watch the first episode of Jordskott on Shudder! So let’s... Read more
We have a new Obsession, Jordskott on Shudder
We have an incredible new series for you to obsess over and it is available only on Shudder. We’ve been watching the series and we are hooked!  You can catch the first episode now on Shudder and take my word you will never look at nature the same way again. So... Read more
New Scary Endings Episode The Water Rises is Here!
Season 2 of the clever horror series Scary Endings, has released their second episode entitled The Water Rises. The suffocatingly tense short is a story of newlyweds Jennifer (Kaitlin Doubleday) and Matt (Adam J. Yeend) who are enjoying a tropical cruise for their honeymoon when disaster strikes the ship... Read more
SANTA CLAUS IS A VAMPIRE – 25 Days of Christmas Horror
Happy Monday and happy almost Christmas! Today we have a new episode FOR FREE from Scary Endings. Enjoy this subversive little piece of horror. Scary Endings Season 2 Episode 2 –  Scary Endings season 2 has begun. What is Scary Endings you ask? Well, it is a series of... Read more
Buffy in HD: issues and original team’s reactions.
It’s been more than two years since the high-definition version of the TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer aired for the first time in the US. It’s now available on Netflix US and was broadcasted in France earlier this year on the 6ter channel and in other countries. Some... Read more
Return To Roanoke: American Horror Story Episode 9
So. After last week’s cluster-eff of blood and violence, we start off this penultimate episode with some young men and women walking around the forest, recording everything with mounted GoPro cameras.  They are fans/bloggers/YouTubers with an insatiable desire to find the actual house that they’ve been writing about and... Read more
Return To Roanoke: American Horror Story Episode 8
Picking up exactly where we left off last week, Agnes gets her head split in two by the real Butcher. Shelby is remarkably calm upstairs in the bedroom while Dominic freaks the eff out. “I did not sign up for this shit!” Shelby suggests they head to the not-so-secret-anymore... Read more