Queer Fear Panel Returns to San Diego Comic Con
Prism Comics is proud to announce the return of the “Queer Fear” panel at this year’s annual San Diego Comic Con International. Hosted and curated by screenwriter and personality Michael Varrati (Tales of Poe, Darkest Night), the Queer Fear event has become a must-stop destination during SDCC for those... Read more
There is a special feeling one gets as you catch your first glimpse of the San Diego skyline during the best week in July. Your heart starts to race, giddiness sets in and then panic sets in. As you exit the freeway it suddenly becomes a mad rush to... Read more
Drunken Devil Serves Up Tiki Madness at Curse of the Jungle Drums
Walking into Pele’s Hideaway, it was quite clear that something had happened just moments before. Sure, the music was playing and the alcohol was flowing, but something was…off. Maybe it was the severed head I came across, or the blood decorating the wall, or even the young lady who... Read more
KILLING GROUND Wracks Some Nerves at Fantasia Film Festival
A couples’ camping trip turns into a frightening ordeal when they stumble across the scene of a horrific crime. “Nerve-wracking” is an oft-used (and oft-abused) phrase you encounter when reading about horror movies.  I don’t think I’ve ever used that phrase before in my reviews (feel free to prove... Read more
GAME OF DEATH Splatters Itself All Over Fantasia International Film Festival
Kill or be killed is the golden rule of the Game of Death. Sucks for seven millennials who ignored that rule. Now each one’s head will explode unless they kill someone. Will they turn on each other to survive, or will this sunny day be the last for the innocent people... Read more
Interview with Horror Punk Legend WEDNESDAY 13 at the World Famous Whisky-a-Go-Go!
If you had told high school-me that I would have the pleasure of interviewing horror punk legend Wednesday 13, I never would have believed you. For those of you not yet familiar, Wednesday 13 is the frontman for some of the best horror-themed bands throughout the past 20 years, including... Read more
Super Dark Times Screens at the Fantasia Film Festival
A harrowing but meticulously observed look at teenage lives in the era prior to the Columbine High School massacre, SUPER DARK TIMES marks the feature debut of gifted director Kevin Phillips, whose critically acclaimed 2015 short film “Too Cool For School” premiered at the Cannes Film Festival. Zach (Owen... Read more
Shriekfest Announces FINAL Deadline
Shriekfest, the Los Angeles Horror/Sci-Fi Film Festival, continues its tradition as Los Angeles’ premiere horror film event, presenting an exciting program of films each fall. Shriekfest takes place at the legendary Raleigh Studios, which is the largest independent studio operator in the country. We offer filmmakers and film fans... Read more
Brave The Dark is Returning to Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre
Get ready kiddies. Our beloved, benevolent undertaker of disturbing theatre is pushing boundaries again. His first concept in immersive, original horror theatre is returning with a bold new production to mark the 25th Silver-Anniversary-Season of Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre Group. Their with their all-new fun n’ freaky immersive-production that... Read more
Evil Dead the Musical Possesses at The Maverick Theater
Fullerton California just got a little more evil, bloody, and strangely musical. If you are a fan of horror you have probably seen all three of the Evil Dead movies (and most likely more than a few times.)  The chainsaw wielding wisecracking Ash is kind of the ultimate anti-hero,... Read more