It Stains The Sands Red is Fun, a Little Long in the Tooth
In the throes of a zombie apocalypse, a troubled woman from Las Vegas with a dark past finds herself stranded in the desert with a lone and ravenous zombie on her tail. The opening shot of It Stains the Sand Red is easily the most impressive. Over radio we... Read more
Horror Gem SERPENT Screens at LA Film Fest
A romantic escape into nature turns into the ultimate moment of reckoning when a husband and wife are trapped in a tent with a deadly snake. Unable to escape and with certain death looming, the tent becomes a heated confessional to a cataclysmic truth. Betrayed, the couple finds themselves... Read more
REPLACE is More Than Just Skin Deep
Young and beautiful Kira is afflicted with a strange disease: her skin starts to age rapidly, dry out and crumble away. When she discovers that she can replace her own skin with somebody else´s, she has to choose: watch her own body wither and die – or give in... Read more
MIDNIGHTERS Coming to LAFF June 19th!
While driving home on New Year’s Eve, a married couple hits a stranger walking on a dark forest road. In a panic, they take the body home so as to sober up before turning themselves in. But they soon discover that the man wasn’t dead after all – that... Read more