Warner Bros Presents a morning with  SciFi and Superhero Giants
Warner Bros. Pictures presents Over 6,000 people packed into hall H on Saturday morning for a day full of movie and television magic. Warner Bros. Pictures has a history of presenting panels of epic proportions and on Saturday morning, they did not disappoint. As moderator Chris Hardwick took the... Read more
Cosplay Chaos at San Diego Comic Con
It is the last day of Comic Con in San Diego and while we are exhausted, our muscles are aching, our bones creaking, every fiber in our body compels us to revel in every last minute of nerdy fandom to our last breath. Comic Con is the mecca for... Read more
Documentary 78/52 takes In-depth Look at Psycho Shower Scene at Fantasia 2017
78/52 refers to the 78 setups and 52 cuts in one of cinema’s most iconic scenes, Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho shower scene. Filmmakers, writers, composers, editors, and more, like Guillermo del Toro, Danny Elfman, Mick Garris, Walter Murch and many others, breakdown this single scene that forever changed movie making.   The scene is dissected, in... Read more
FX Network takes over the Bayfront Hilton Park at Comic Con
The folks over at the FX network have been hard at work putting together an offsite experience for San Diego Comic Con 2017. Located at the Hilton Bayfront Park (convention center adjacent) is an “FXhibition” that contains interactive experiences from hit FX shows. “American Horror Story, Atlanta,” “Legion,” “Archer,”... Read more
The Lego Ninjago Movie delights fans of all ages at San Diego Comic Con
It was a packed house filled to the brim with kids and adults for the “Lego Ninjago Movie” panel today at San Diego Comic Con. Scott Mantz (Access Hollywood) moderated as the cast took the stage to delight the audience with a little behind the scenes look at the upcoming... Read more
Ghostbusters 101 and Raising Fan Kids at ComicCon
Before sunrise on Thursday San Diego was already buzzing with activity. From the comfort of my hotel room I watched lines for the convention center grow longer, weaving in and out of sight on the boardwalk behind the hotels. It seems to be that in order to get into... Read more
Cosplay and Comic Con Chaos Managed in San Diego
After the wonderful Raising Fan Kids Back to the convention we went. The exhibit hall was crowded and it was hard to maneuver which is no surprise during Comic Con. Yet, we were eager to see some artists so we pushed our way through the throng of people. There... Read more
SEQUENCE BREAK Messes with Minds at Fantasia Film Festival
A surreal sci-fi romance wherein a beautiful young woman and strange metaphysical forces threaten the reality of a reclusive video arcade technician, resulting in bizarre biomechanical mutations and a shocking self-realization. If Tron was written and directed by David Cronenberg  (albeit on a much smaller budget) at his most... Read more
Queer Fear Panel Returns to San Diego Comic Con
Prism Comics is proud to announce the return of the “Queer Fear” panel at this year’s annual San Diego Comic Con International. Hosted and curated by screenwriter and personality Michael Varrati (Tales of Poe, Darkest Night), the Queer Fear event has become a must-stop destination during SDCC for those... Read more
There is a special feeling one gets as you catch your first glimpse of the San Diego skyline during the best week in July. Your heart starts to race, giddiness sets in and then panic sets in. As you exit the freeway it suddenly becomes a mad rush to... Read more