Urban Death Classic Edition is a Return to Form
Urban Death has been resurrected for a limited run as part of the ZJU Fringe and it is a return to form for the show. The previous annual run of the show, which ran the month of May, was enjoyable to be sure, but it had lost the aggressive... Read more
REVIEW: The Truth Shines On
Who wouldn’t want the ability to read minds? I’m sure we’d all like to hear what other people are really thinking about and compare it to what they actually say. Or even catch someone in a lie, despite them being sincere to your face. Hell, it might even be... Read more
Classic Urban Death Returns to Zombie Joe’s
The one show that you need to see every year is Urban Death at Zombie Joe;’s Underground Theatre. Sadly that show ended a successful, 4 week run last week. What is a horror theatre fan to do? We have spectacular news. As part of Zombie Joe’s second annual Underground Fringe... Read more
Michael Wertz Delivers Vegas in Space art to Gag On!
You know we are fans of the absurd. When we heard that Midnight Movie Maven, Peaches Christ and Horror icon Michael Varrati were hosting a special 25th anniversary screening of the Troma classic, Vegas in Space, we almost died. Almost, that is. The film is a ridiculous romp to... Read more
Winchester Mystery House is Coming to Midsummer Scream
Big news! The world-famous Winchester Mystery House is coming to the first annual Midsummer Scream July 30 – 31 at the Long Beach Convention Center! California’s original haunted house will share rare Photos, never-before-seen footage, artwork, and ghost stories to thrill fans of the paranormal and the just plain spooky.   WINCHESTER: California’s Original... Read more
HorrorCon UK 2016 Opens the Bloodgates
HorrorCon UK 2016 is back July 9th and 10th, 2016 with some amazing people headlining. The guest have been announced for this years conventions and they include: actor and stuntman Kane Hodder (known for Jason Vorhees in four Friday the 13th films), Doug Bradley (Pinhead of Hellraiser), David Naughton... Read more
Vegas In Space 25th Anniversary Event at Frameline Film Festival
Get ready for the wildly audacious, most fabulous event in the galaxy as Vegas In Space celebrates 25 years of inspired, intergalactic lunacy at the Frameline Film Festival! Peaches Christ Productions, in association with the Frameline Film Festival and Troma Entertainment have announced a special event screening of the seminal... Read more
Midsummer Scream teaming with Bone Yard Effects
In their continued effort to ramp the scares up to 11, Midsummer Scream has announced that they will be working with FX veterans Bone Yard Effects. Founded in 1993, Bone Yard has worked on a number of big-budget Hollywood films including “Adaptation”, “Scary Movie 2”, “Shallow Hal” and the... Read more
Oingo Boingo Dance Party coming to Midsummer Scream
In what is shaping up to be a must-see event for the California haunt community, Midsummer Scream has announced that Oingo Boingo Dance Party will be headlining its Noche De Los Muertos dance and costume party. Gaining significant popularity in the 80s with their singles “Dead Man’s Party” and the... Read more
Force of Nature Presents Haunted Housecalls
When you consider going to the theatre, you always have that one friend that swears on there life that the theatre is haunted. Well this theatre may or may not be haunted but the performances sure are. Force of Nature brings Micah Cover’s Haunted Housecalls to The Actors Group Theatre.... Read more