Blood Alley Drenches Audiences in Dread
Whenever Zombie Joe and his troupe of performers announce that they are going into darker territory we sit up in eager anticipation.  Not merely because this is the type of stuff we cover, but because this is where Zombie is at his best.  So when the little theatre announced... Read more
Demonic Housewives are Coming!
There is something afoot in Hobsville. Something demonic, evil and downright domestic.  Yes, we are talking about Thomas J. Misuraca’s ‘Demonic Housewives’ coming to North Hollywood’s Archway Theatre, directed by Sebastian Muñoz. Upon the sudden and mysterious death of her Aunt Wanda, Darcy visits the small town of Hobsville for the... Read more
Blood Alley Coming to Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre
Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre is the epicenter for experimental theatre in Los Angeles.  The tiny black box theatre on Lankershem in North Hollywood is the wellspring of bold creativity. ZJU is mostly known for the signature production, Urban Death.  A discordant pastiche of scenes, Death is funny, sad, grotesque,... Read more
4th Annual Halloween Club Spook Show!
This past weekend at the La Mirada’s Halloween Club held an event calling upon spooky people to gather from all parts of the haunt and horror worlds. There were bands, vendors, hearses, monsters galore, and hosted by the infamous RIP The Undertaker! When you step forth into the Spook... Read more
United in Blood

United in Blood

Events February 22, 2016 0

Imagine all of the scariest women in horror, from around the world, in  one place, on one night.  British hard core gamer and horror film enthusiast Jonathan Hughes has created “United in Blood”, a special night presentation of scary movies made by women from various parts of the world. This event is... Read more
Auditions for Zombie Joe’s Blood Alley
Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre has scheduled auditions for a brand new show entitled Blood Alley. The Underground’s all-new horror-theatre spectacular will be in the great Grand Guignol, Theater of Cruelty and Butoh traditions, centering around the memoirs of a forgotten street alley haunted by the longing, beauty and unspeakable events... Read more
52 Weeks: Week 5- Mortuary Mentalism
As I’ve previously mentioned, in my other life, I’m a semi-professional magician and because of that, I’ve been very lucky to meet plenty of amazing people.  One such person is my good friend, mentalist Maurice Lord. I’d first met Maurice in line for a show at The Magic Castle, and through the... Read more
Year of the Monkey at Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre
Zombie Joe’s Underground theatre is the epicenter for fearless theatre in Los Angeles. The tiny, black box is constantly putting on show after original show that pushes the boundaries for both audience and performer.  The newest production is no different.  The Year of the Monkey premiered last weekend to... Read more
Ten Tips To Find Love At Serial Killer Speed Dating
Serial Killer Speed Dating rears its terrible head on Wednesday, February 10th. Just in time to find that special someone to share Valentine’s Day with. Having thrown a few “SKSD” parties already, I thought it was best to write out a few tips and tricks from what I’ve learned... Read more
52 Weeks: Week 3-Creepshow Cabaret presents Ghostbusters
Can you remember the first movie that really scared you? Laugh all you want, but mine was Ghostbusters. I was maybe five years old and watching it by myself with my parents in the next room and that library ghost frightened me so bad I went running to them!... Read more