Exodus vs. The Basement: Escape Room Showdown
I recently was able to go to two different “escape rooms” here in Southern California, and, even though I died both times (spoiler alert!) I still had a terrific time.  By the way, if you haven’t read Taylor Winters’ excellent article on escape rooms in Mexico or his equally great article about... Read more
The Horrible Imaginings Film Festival
This weekend The Horrible Imaginings Film Festival is coming to San Diego’s wonderful Museum of Photographic Arts (MOPA) for a weekend of horror, innovation, and the exploration of all things horrible.The festival which begins Friday and runs through Sunday, showcases art and film that explores the darker or more macabre sides of... Read more
Dracula: A New Sexual, Dramatic, and Haunting Play
Vampires use to mean sexuality, blood-lust, and horror. Let’s get back those roots with the newest adaption of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, hot off it’s 2014 run in New York City! This isn’t your mother’s Dracula. No, in this version, madness, sexuality, and power explode onto the stage. Renfield fights for... Read more
Zombie Joe’s New Show: The Red Moon, A Musical Vampire Love Story
Vampires? Love Stories? If these three words leave any sort of bad taste in your mouth from the Twilight series, then have no fear, Zombie Joe’s Underground (ZJU) Theatre will cleanse this tale for you. ZJU is known for their intense, personal, and often shocking theatre experiences. And in... Read more
HorrorBuzz VIP Event: Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor
The Queen Mary, by her own right, is one of the known most eerie and paranormal sites in Southern California.  Yes, it’s still elegant, and reflects the luxury of a bygone era of sea travel. But it is lifeless now, its powerful engines ripped from its core as a... Read more
Ghoulmaster brings Haunted Playhouse Comes to LA
If you see one stage show this Halloween, take a gander at the new Halloween superstar, Ghoulmaster.  He is about to open the doors to his secret Haunted Playhouse this October. And you’re invited. 1984 Entertainment, LLC presents the World Premiere Original Theater Experience; Ghoulmaster’s Haunted Playhouse produced by... Read more
Escape Room Masters at ScareLA
Escape Rooms are one of the hottest new trends, with new rooms popping up all over Southern California. The idea is simple: you are trapped in a room and must solve a series of puzzles before the time runs out. But you aren’t doing this alone, you have a... Read more
Interview with Erin Reynolds, founder of Nevermind
After experiencing the amazing virtual reality game, Nevermind, which debuted at ScareLA this a few weekends ago, I was inspired to write a review of the experience while HorrorBuzz’s Jeff took a look at the panel. After the fact, as luck would have it, I was able to speak to the... Read more
The HorrorBuzz MiceChat Knott’s Scary Farm Event
Ghouls and boys it is time once again to return to the foggy, mouldering streets of Ghost Town as we gather for the annual Knott’s Scary Farm Meet! In an annual tradition that is reaching its ninth year, MiceChat.com and now HorrorBuzz will be leading a group through the grandaddy... Read more
Tales of Halloween Panel at Scare LA!
If you are on this website and you are reading this article… I am going to make a wild guess that you may love Halloween. And maybe Horror movies about the most spooky holiday of the year. I have great news for YOU! There is a NEW Horror movie... Read more