Zombie Joe’s is Looking for Fresh Bodies To Star In Brave The Dark
The benevolent undertaker of avant garde theatre in North Hollywood, the inimitable Zombie Joe, is on the search for fearless actors to join his troupe for another edition of Brake the Dark. Zombie sent out the call yesterday    Brave The Dark Auditions Wanting  nothing more than to welcome newbies into the fearless... Read more
REVIEW: The Rise and Fall of Dracula Turns The Legend On Its Head
Dracula is a timeless tale, spanning centuries not just in its story, but in its legacy. As one of my favorite of the monster tales, I was excited when I heard there would be a staging of the story during this year’s Hollywood Fringe Festival. This version, called The... Read more
Panic! Productions’ Little Shop of Horrors Is A Fresh Take On An Old Favorite
Little Shop of Horrors is quite possibly my favorite musical of all time. I was in the show a number of times growing up, and always thought it had a great sense of humor & wonderful characters. However, it’s rare that I see a production of the show that... Read more
The Rise and Fall of Dracula: A Talk with the Production Team
Growing up, I was in love with the legend of Dracula. I read the book twice; once in middle school and then another in high school. Both times, it meant something completely different to me, and enthralled me. So, when I heard there was a show about the granddaddy... Read more
First Date Raises RED FLAGS in this Fantastic Fringe Festival Show
Over the course of my life, I’ve been on many, many first dates. Some were just fine, others were nightmares; not all of them the fault of the person I was meeting. One time, my ex’s best friend sat at the table next to us, relaying details of it... Read more
MURDER, ANYONE? A small play in Sherman Oaks surprises
A Wednesday night. I’ve been invited to a small black box theater in Sherman Oaks to see an original play. It’s not “immersive.” It’s not “the hottest tickets in town.” It’s not “whatever buzz word is floating around.” It is, however, the kind of play you hope to discover... Read more
Blood Alley 3 Will Drench Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre in Dread May 26
YES! One of our favorite recurring shows at Zombie Joe’s Underground is coming back! Blood Alley, the monstrous brainchild of theatre founder Zombie Joe and Elif Savas will open for a Special Springtime Engagement! (3) Weekends Only: FRIDAYS and SATURDAYS @ 8:30pm, MAY 26 thru JUNE 10, 2017. What... Read more
DEVIL’S WHISPER Premieres at Dances with Films on Saturday, June 10th
On the surface DEVIL’S WHISPER is a supernatural horror film about demonic possession, at its core, it’s a psychological thriller about repressed memories and childhood trauma. From director Adam Ripp comes Devil’s Whisper, the story of 15 year-old Alejandro Duran, who comes from a religious Latino American family, aspires... Read more
TALES FROM TOMORROW Entertains With Visions From the Future
Force of Nature Productions is one of the more promising theatrical outfits to pop up on the Los Angeles theatre scene in recent years. With their new production, Tales From Tomorrow, the ensemble pulls together a collection of Serling-esque stories that poke fun or fright at the future in beguiling... Read more
Urban Death Makes Diabolical Return to Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre
Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre in North Hollywood is one of the single most important performance spaces in Los Angeles. The bland storefront along Lankershim Boulevard isn’t much to look at really. One would never guess that it was home to one of the most shocking, moving, startling performance pieces of... Read more