DEVIL’S WHISPER Premieres at Dances with Films on Saturday, June 10th
On the surface DEVIL’S WHISPER is a supernatural horror film about demonic possession, at its core, it’s a psychological thriller about repressed memories and childhood trauma. From director Adam Ripp comes Devil’s Whisper, the story of 15 year-old Alejandro Duran, who comes from a religious Latino American family, aspires... Read more
Force of Nature Productions Offers Up 2 New Frights
Burbank-Based film and theater production company Force of Nature Productions has announced not one but two new horror-themed productions for the Halloween season. The first is a new, darker take on one of their ongoing productions, TV Live. The show which features new stories every month and takes is... Read more
TV Live Coming From Force of Nature Productions to a Stage Near You!
A new live theatre series is coming to TAG Studio from Force of Nature Productions. A mix of Hitchcockian suspense and Twilight Zone twists comes ‘TV LIVE’, an ongoing live theatrical experience. Born from a love of episodic mystery television this innovative theatre show will be  featuring four new stories every month,... Read more
Zombie Joe Announces One Of Us
Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre Group and Shine On Collective proudly present the world premiere of Anna Mavromati’s dark, carnivalesque theatre-spectacular, about the growing sparks of resentment within a colorful clan of performers that ignite their freak-show into flames of rebellion!  Directed by Marlee Delia and Anna Mavromati, Produced by... Read more
Brave the Dark coming to Zombie Joes Underground Theatre
When Zombie Joe and his motley ensemble of performers dare to do something new we are eager to see what they have for us. The upcoming production, entitled Brave The Dark promises to be a surreal journey into the further recesses of a darkened imagination. Zombie Joe’s Underground’s all-new... Read more
Force of Nature Presents Haunted Housecalls
When you consider going to the theatre, you always have that one friend that swears on there life that the theatre is haunted. Well this theatre may or may not be haunted but the performances sure are. Force of Nature brings Micah Cover’s Haunted Housecalls to The Actors Group Theatre.... Read more
Urban Death is Coming Back April 29th
One of our very favorite theatre experiences in Los Angeles is returning April 29th. Urban Death is coming home to Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre, exploring the human condition in ways that are haunting, terrifying, perplexing, and even moving.  The Group’s signature horror production goes for the jugular, diving deep into the depths of ALL-NEW... Read more
“Alien vs Musical” Launches Its Kickstarter Campaign Right Through Your Chest
Lurking in the shadows at the intersection of horror films and musical theater sits a gem of a show. The standout of the 2015 Hollywood Fringe, which I previously wrote about, “Alien vs. Musical”  has been lying dormant since their show closed, waiting to pounce. It mostly comes out... Read more
Demonic Housewives are Coming!
There is something afoot in Hobsville. Something demonic, evil and downright domestic.  Yes, we are talking about Thomas J. Misuraca’s ‘Demonic Housewives’ coming to North Hollywood’s Archway Theatre, directed by Sebastian Muñoz. Upon the sudden and mysterious death of her Aunt Wanda, Darcy visits the small town of Hobsville for the... Read more
Blood Alley Coming to Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre
Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre is the epicenter for experimental theatre in Los Angeles.  The tiny black box theatre on Lankershem in North Hollywood is the wellspring of bold creativity. ZJU is mostly known for the signature production, Urban Death.  A discordant pastiche of scenes, Death is funny, sad, grotesque,... Read more