SpongeBob: Legend of Boo-Kini Bottom Premieres at COMIC-CON 2017
We’re ready, we’re ready, we’re ready for the newest SpongeBob Halloween special, now resurrected in stop-motion animation! Fans filled the room to the gills at San Diego Comic-Con 2017 for Nickelodeon’s SpongeBob SquarePants: The Legend of Boo-kini Bottom panel on Saturday, July 22. During the panel, series’ notable voice actors... Read more
Kindergarten Vs Zombies: A Cautionary Tale of What Book to Bring to School
There are little things to indicate if your family is of the “different” variety. Take for instance, the book choice that my son chose to share with his kindergarten class during his special week as VIP. Being the VIP for the week was a title of the utmost revere... Read more
Ghost Town Alive Is A Can’t Miss Summertime Event At Knott’s Berry Farm
Today was a busy one for me. In fact, so much happened, I can barely believe it; I played matchmaker, I staked out a bank, I helped rob said bank, I captured criminals, I set criminals free, I stirred the pot, I saw a wedding, I delivered the mail,... Read more
Mommy Fearist Needed a Break with Boos
After a few rough weeks filled with open houses, conventions, sickness and other shenanigans Mommy Fearist decided it was time for a night out-without the kids. So I called my friend and proposed an evening filled with adventure, spirits and “spirits.” We braved traffic at 4:30pm from Orange County... Read more
MONSTER ELEMENTARY Wins a Bronze Medal in the 2017 Independent Publisher Book Awards
Monster Elementary and the Egyptian Curse!, the second volume in the Monster Elementary series, has won the Independent Publisher Book Awards 2017 Bronze Medal for best “Graphic Novel/Drawn Book – Humor/Cartoon.” Two years ago the first Monster Elementary book won the Independent Publisher Book Award for 2015 Gold Medal for... Read more
WonderCon Weekend Wrap Up
As I walked out of the Anaheim Convention Center late Sunday afternoon, a familiar wave of emotions washed over me. First being exhaustion, second was bittersweetness and third was disappointment that this con was only three days. For the past several years WonderCon had reminded me of the old... Read more
Mommy Fearist Gives Her WonderCon-First Impressions
The Fearist house has been a buzz of excitement and activity leading up to Friday, opening day of WonderCon 2017. Daddy Fearist and I have been finishing up the cosplay for our two kids as well as packing our backpacks with a variety of snacks and water. I picked... Read more
Convention Procrastination and Cosplay Miracles Can Happen
WonderCon is a week away and I just realized that we don’t have cosplay planned. I should be fired. For the past couple of years I have had delusions of grandeur when it comes to cons and family cosplay. In my head it looks beautiful. In my head people... Read more
Mommy Fearist introduces her students to her darker side
“Hey Miss Erin, when are you going to write about scary stuff and dance?” I’ve never been a person that fits neatly inside a box. Growing up as a dancer I was the odd ball who wasn’t into princess fluff and fairies. As I grew older I had an... Read more
Trollhunters Netflix Series picked up for Second Season
Great news for Trollhunters fans! It was just announced that the animated Netflix Original series was picked up for a second season! The series, a collaboration between Guillermo del Toro and DreamWorks animation,  Trollhunters will take viewers of all ages back into the small town of Arcadia for 13 new episodes. Trollhunters is the tale... Read more