VIDEO: Unboxing Month 4 from Hunt A Killer
Yikes, our bad! This video has been live on our YouTube for a week, but we forgot to add it to our main page. In any event, Month 4 of Hunt A Killer’s amazing at-home experience is here, and I (along with my friends Mr. Bones & Kevin) go... Read more
VIDEO: Unboxing Month 3 from Hunt A Killer
We’re back again with Month 3 of Hunt A Killer’s great, at-home, immersive experience. In today’s unboxing, we have sharp objects and more mystery! Want to start your own journey? Membership is $30 a month for a month-to-month membership, $27.50 a month for six months if you prepay, or... Read more
VIDEO: Unboxing Month 2 from Hunt A Killer
We’re a little behind on Hunt A Killer, so we apologize for that. BUT, we are neck deep into their first mystery, and wanted to show you what Month 2 contained! If you missed our last post about it, way back in January, now is a good time to... Read more