“The Old Hunters” Makes “Bloodborne” Bigger And Bloodier
“The Old Hunters” is a downloadable expansion pack for “Bloodborne,” the sister project to “Demon’s Souls” and “Dark Souls” which we looked at a few weeks ago. What it does is it adds new areas, enemies, bosses and equipment in to the game. “The Old Hunters” is in no... Read more
DreadOut Offers Nostalgia With A Twist
I was intrigued by “DreadOut” since it was still just an IndieGoGo campaign and a dream. It seemed to offer classic survival-horror mixed with some fresh ideas. So hoping for the best but bracing for the worst, I decided to give it a try. In “DreadOut,” the player takes... Read more
Strawberry Cubes A Glitchy, Morbid Game
There are no other games quite like “Strawberry Cubes.” It’s a retro puzzle platformer with a glitchy, morbid aesthetic. Instead of dealing in jump scares or monsters, “Strawberry Cubes” seems content to be unsettling, like trying to process a nightmare that doesn’t actually make much sense when you try... Read more
“The Music Machine” Is A Sonata Of Dread
“The Music Machine” is not a title that inspires much fear. It sounds more like a rhythm game than any sort of horror, but it comes from creator David Szymanski (“Fingerbones”, “The Moon Sliver”) who has an impressive track record with small, independent horror video games. Given what a... Read more
Bloodborne Is A Bloody Good Time
I’ve been a fan of the “Souls” series of video games since the first one, “Demon’s Souls” was released. So when I first heard that they were releasing a sister project, “Bloodborne,” that was going to take the familiar gameplay and put it into a gothic horror setting I... Read more
Neverending Nightmares is Visually Haunting
“Neverending Nightmares” makes some big promises. It boasts that the player will experience “true psychological horror,” and claims to be inspired by creator Matt Gilgenbach’s own struggles with depression. The game has a dynamic lighting system designed to make its shadows and darkness seem more imposing. This all sounds... Read more
Jason Is Coming To Consoles Next Fall in Friday the 13th Game!
Months ago, I read about this lovely little game called Summer Camp, where you would play as the teens trying to survive…or the maniacal killer gunning for them. It looks fantastic, and I couldn’t wait for it. Now, here we are, mid-October, and more information about the game has... Read more
How Does an Escape Room in Mexico Differ?
Escape Rooms started in Hungary and became a major tourist attraction there and throughout Europe. These puzzle-style rooms were them exported to the states and began sprouting across California like wildfire. I’ve done as many Escape Rooms in Southern California that time has permitted, ranging from horror rooms (e.g., the... Read more
Until Dawn: Playing a Horror Movie
Have you ever watched a horror movie and yelled at the woman for tripping over a tree root? Or how about the dumb jock who investigates a mysterious sound right after two of his friends have been killed? Do you wish the protagonist leave the dumb blonde behind and save herself?... Read more
Interview with Erin Reynolds, founder of Nevermind
After experiencing the amazing virtual reality game, Nevermind, which debuted at ScareLA this a few weekends ago, I was inspired to write a review of the experience while HorrorBuzz’s Jeff took a look at the panel. After the fact, as luck would have it, I was able to speak to the... Read more