Exploring The Depths of Little Nightmares’ First DLC
A few months ago, we here at HorrorBuzz reviewed the game Little Nightmares. It was a fun game, but one with a lot of flaws. To be honest, I completely forgot about Little Nightmares in the following months. I play a lot of these games, so these things happen... Read more
Checking Up On Resident Evil
Resident Evil has made some rather baffling choices over the years, from the weird Gameboy Color game to the two separate rail shooter sub-series. In recent years, the series began to be better known for these strange decisions than for its ability to scare. This came to a head... Read more
Petscop: Post-Mortem
You may remember Petscop, the YouTube video series about a creepy unfinished video game. The series was decently popular, with no episode having less than 100,000 views. So maybe you’re like me and thought “Hey, I wonder what’s going on with Petscop?” The answer, as it turns out, is... Read more
Casting Some Light On Bulb Boy
You may have heard of Bulb Boy. It’s an off-beat little indie horror game originally released via Steam back in 2015. It was fairly well-received at the time. So why am I talking about a game from two years ago? Because it was recently ported over to the Nintendo... Read more
Vaccine Offers A Survival Horror Fix
Vaccine seems like a game which should be perfectly tailored to me. It’s a throw-back to the first generation of survival horror games but with a modern indie game touch. However, that’s an awfully big check. Can Vaccine cash that check? Let’s find out. Vaccine is obviously an homage... Read more
Rusty Lake: Roots Redeems Its Franchise
Some time back, I reviewed the game Rusty Lake Hotel. It was a puzzle game that tried to coast by on a whimsically dark style without offering much of substance. When a prequel came out last fall, I decided to pass on it because I had been so let... Read more
Summer of Rift – Now is the time to jump into real Virtual Reality.
When I talk about Virtual Reality technology here on HorrorBuzz, I am usually pushing some of the new video technologies we have been adopting to bring you the most immersive experiences possible.  Horror is great on the screen, but when it is so close, and so seemingly lifelike that... Read more
An End To The Suffering and What Went Wrong
Alright, so two weeks ago we took a look at the all-but-forgotten horror game The Suffering. It was an ambitious and successful game which was clearly meant to be the start of a franchise. So what went wrong? Why did the franchise not take off? Well this week we’re... Read more
E3 2017 Presents A Weak Offering For Horror Fans
Unfortunately this week we will not be continuing our series on the failed The Suffering franchise, because I am still waiting for my copy of the sequel to arrive in the mail. Instead of continuing to look backwards, we’re going to be looking forwards. The gaming industry’s biggest annual... Read more
Let The Suffering Begin
You probably don’t remember the horror game The Suffering. It came out back in 2004, on the PlayStation 2, Xbox, and PC. It was actually quite successful. There was even a sequel released a year later. So why haven’t you heard of The Suffering? Why didn’t it become the... Read more