17TH DOOR Creates a Hellish Prison Worth Spending a Stint
It’s that time of year again. The semester has started at Gluttire University and class is in session. But where does a haunt go when it’s already explored every taboo from spousal abuse to abortion and pedophilia? Well, to jail, of course. Yes, sadly our tragic heroine, Paula, will... Read more
Experimental VR Music Video APEX Brings Fiery Terror to a Headset Near You
Apex, an experimental dystopian VR musical experience from artist and musician Arjan van Meerten, has been featured on Wevr’s Transport platform and I had a chance to check it out recently. Things start out innocently enough, looking out onto a nicely rendered 3D cityscape as embers start to dance... Read more
Midsummer Scream Steps Into the Black
There has been a mystery surrounding Into the Black. Before Saturday’s panel at Midsummer Scream I knew little about what to expect from the pet project of Larry Bones, owner of Boneyard Effects and veteran maestro of makeup and prosthetics for Halloween Horror Nights for a number of years,... Read more
Summer of Rift – Now is the time to jump into real Virtual Reality.
When I talk about Virtual Reality technology here on HorrorBuzz, I am usually pushing some of the new video technologies we have been adopting to bring you the most immersive experiences possible.  Horror is great on the screen, but when it is so close, and so seemingly lifelike that... Read more
Thumper Brings Rhythm Violence To The Switch
If you’re an early adopter of the Nintendo Switch like me, you’re probably a little starved for some quality content. Sure, the new Zelda game is great (and I would even go so far as to say that if nothing else good is ever released for the Switch, I... Read more
Kaleidoscope Showcase Vol. 2 Reveals A Diverse World of VR Artistic Expression
Kaleidoscope Showcase Vol. 2 came to LA and brought with them a smorgasbord of some of the most eclectic VR art and interactive expression pieces from the best and brightest in the burgeoning VR landscape. I got a chance to try several of the offerings at the recent event... Read more
VR SHOWDOWN IN GHOST TOWN Sets the Standard for the VR Arcade Experience
It’s high noon, and a threat looms over the good people of Knott’s Berry Farm. The robot menace is here and the only thing keeping the park from complete destruction is my catlike reflexes and the keen eye of my stalwart companion, Jeff Heimbuch. Well, they had a good... Read more
Submissions Open for VR Kaleidoscope Showcase 2
Submissions are officially open for the Kaleidoscope Showcase Vol. 2, a community-driven gathering for local VR creators to share their work, receive feedback from peers, and experience their Official Selection of groundbreaking, new projects. Submissions are open until February 1st and you can apply here. They are also looking for... Read more
Oculus & Kaleidoscope present DevLab
Oculus VR (creators of the Oculus Rift VR headset) in partnership with Kaleidoscope has just announced a bran-new project, Devlab. Devlab is being described as “A new initiative to support independent VR creators and explore the boundaries of virtual reality as an art form.” Those fortunate enough to be... Read more