GHOST HOUSE Hits Theaters August 25th!
Haunting theaters and VOD on August 25th comes a new supernatural horror film by director Rich Ragsale, about a young American couple who finds themselves lost in the Thai countryside and haunted by an evil spirit. Desperate for a solution, the couple spirals deeper into a surreal supernatural world... Read more
An Interview with IN ANOTHER ROOM
About a week ago, we told you about IN ANOTHER ROOM, a new immersive experience from E3W Productions that allows you to investigate a notoriously haunted house in Lose Angeles. We promised you an interview with them, and now, here it is! The team behind it was kind enough... Read more
Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights HHN Tracker 2017 #5
What a difference two weeks makes? I mean within the span of a fortnight we have seen The Shining get its hedges, the Mystery Maze in the Jurassic Park Queue get more detailed, and suddenly three new tents have sprung up for mazes in both the upper lot and... Read more
Six Flag’s Magic Mountain: Justice League Battle for Metropolis Open
It takes a pretty big team of crime fighting crusaders to maintain justice in a huge place like Metropolis, and Six Flags took a huge leap forward in the immersive attraction game, bringing the new 5 acre Metropolis section of their park to life – complete with the actual... Read more
Justice League Battle for Metropolis Opening Ceremonies
Tuesday night, as the park was closing, Six Flags Magic Mountain was preparing to celebrate the arrival of their all-new attraction. This isn’t another coaster, nothing that spins guests into nauseous fits, or makes them question their decisions minutes after the final click of the safety harness. No, for... Read more
IN ANOTHER ROOM Invites You To Investigate A Haunted House
For the last few weeks, a mysterious Instagram account has been posting photos that seem to be from the case files of someone named W. Morrow. While innocuous at first, showing off photos and information about a home, they have since turned much, much darker. I followed their postings,... Read more
Knott’s Scary Farm Haunt Tracker 2017 #1, Park Pics and Haunt News
OMG OMG OMG! It’s time! Yes, it’s time to begin tracking the macabre machinations churning to life at Knott’s Berry Farm in preparation for the most awesome time of year! Welcome one and all to the first Knott’s Scary Farm Haunt Tracker of 2017. Of course, things begin slow... Read more
Brave The Dark is Returning to Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre
Get ready kiddies. Our beloved, benevolent undertaker of disturbing theatre is pushing boundaries again. His first concept in immersive, original horror theatre is returning with a bold new production to mark the 25th Silver-Anniversary-Season of Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre Group. Their with their all-new fun n’ freaky immersive-production that... Read more
Universal Orlando Resort Halloween Horror Nights Wants Your Soul!
No biggie. Universal Orlando Resort, home to one of the very best Halloween events in the world, has just dropped a tantalizing video that has Halloween and horror fans alike willing to give anything to see more. The elegant yet terrifying promo video is the first taste of what... Read more
Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights HHN Tracker 2017 #4
Welcome back horror fiends, for another Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights HHN Tracker. Despite John Murdy’s silence from his normally prolific we actually have a ton of stuff to share with you today. Aside from visible change on construction inside the park, we have major progress on the facade on... Read more