The Willows Tickets Now On Sale
Last week, we told you about the amazing new immersive show called THE WILLOWS from the same minds who brought us the brilliant Creep Los Angeles. This week, tickets have gone on sale for $125 a person. It may seem a little steep, but trust us, it is worth... Read more
The Willows: A Brand New Experience from the Minds of Creep Los Angeles
Let me make this very clear right off the bat; you need to see The Willows. Over the weekend, I was invited to check out a dress rehearsal for this brand new show from the twisted minds that brought us Creep Los Angeles the past two years. Despite the... Read more
REVIEW: Gain ENTRY into CREEP LOS ANGELES for a Delightfully Creepy Evening
The darkness within us allowed us Entry, and we saw what was never meant to be seen. Thanks to artist Erebus Burwyck, my life has forever been changed. Creep Los Angeles’ sophomore year focused around Burwyck and his final works, allow us a peek into his mind…and the darkness... Read more
Creep LA is returning for 2016 with ENTRY
We are excited to report that one of our favorite horror experiences from last year is returning.  CreepLA 2nd Installment Pulls Participants Into an Interactive Real-Life Horror Film Hair-Raising Experience beginning September 15th. This original and disturbing creation of horror will once again crack open its doors shining a... Read more
Masterminds of Interactive Horror Speak Out
ScareLA gathered some of the greatest minds behind our favorite interactive, immersive experiences to talk a little bit about what they do this weekend. First up was Jon Braver from Delusion. When asked what he wanted people to feel when they leave his shows, he said he wants them... Read more
The New Hauntness at Midsummer Scream Discusses New Generation
The New Hauntness panel at Midsummer Scream gave us a fascinating look at the people behind the screams (hehe, sorry) of three new rookie haunts that had their first year in 2015: The 17th Door, CreepLA, Motel 6 Feet Under, and The Fleshyard. Robbie Luther, who with his wife... Read more
Creep LA’s Justin Fix Talks About Being A Creep
Last year, CreepLA burst onto the scene, and created a name for themselves with their fun, scary, and yes, creepy, experience. This season, I am eagerly anticipating their sophomore year, which promises more creeps than ever before. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to chat with Justin... Read more
CreepLA Gets Under Our Skin
What’s creepier than the monsters, the haunted houses, the creatures that stalk the darkness? Well CreepLA believes the answer is the terrible things that real human beings do to other real human beings. And building upon this fear, CreepLA has created an inventive and immersive haunt. Although it isn’t... Read more