Drunken Devil Invites You To Spend a Night With 1000 Devils
We are so very excited that Drunken Devil returns again this October with a brand new event: Night of 1,000 Devils. While their events in the past have been based on themes or holidays, this soiree will shine a light on specific characters that make up the Drunken Devil... Read more
Drunken Devil Expands From Night Life to Brunch with Deviled Eggs
It is pretty clear that Drunken Devil has the horror-infused nightlife down to perfection. Especially after their highly successful Curse of the Jungle Drums AND the recent announcement about To Live And Di(n)e in LA. But now, the Devil is waking up a little earlier, and invites you into... Read more
Drunken Devil Invites You To Live and Di(n)e in LA
Let me begin this by saying the same thing I always say: Drunken Devil knows how to throw one hell of a party. For the past few years, each successive party they have thrown has gotten better and better, incorporating burlesque, music, immersive theater, and more into incredible atmospheres... Read more
GHOST HOUSE Hits Theaters August 25th!
Haunting theaters and VOD on August 25th comes a new supernatural horror film by director Rich Ragsale, about a young American couple who finds themselves lost in the Thai countryside and haunted by an evil spirit. Desperate for a solution, the couple spirals deeper into a surreal supernatural world... Read more
Drunken Devil’s Sinner’s Social Club Now On Sale
For the past few years, The Drunken Devil has thrown some pretty lavish parties…from the Witches’ Ball to Bloody Gras, and everything in between, he is known to bring his unique brand of debauchery wherever he goes.   For the 2017 season, however, something new is coming along: The... Read more
Drunken Devil’s Bloody Gras A Bloody Good Time
The jazz was playing, the booze was flowing, and debauchery was in full swing. I even got beads around my neck! And while no, I wasn’t in New Orleans, I was in full Mardi Gras spirit at Drunken Devil’s latest endeavor, Bloody Gras! Based on the hedonism of Mardi... Read more
Drunken Devil Celebrates Bloody Gras on February 25th
This fiendish party animals at Drunken Devil, an entertainment company with an emphasis on horror-infused nightlife events, is at it again! This time they are producing a new, one-night-only party, inspired by both the hedonism of Mardi Gras, and the seedy history of New Orleans in the early 1900’s: Bloody Gras. Blood... Read more
We Had a Witches’ Ball with Drunken Devil
Halloween weekend was filled with fun, fright, and one hell of a party from none other than Drunken Devil. On October 29, they held The Witches’ Ball: A Halloween Bacchanal, an evening that took inspiration from clandestine gatherings, pagan culture, and of course, the 70s. Held on the fifth... Read more
The Witches’ Ball: A Halloween Bacchanal From Drunken Devil
Hot on the six-inch, stiletto heels of a critically acclaimed event this past summer, Drunken Devil, an entertainment company with an emphasis on horror-infused nightlife events, returns this Halloween with the eagerly anticipated event, The Witches’ Ball: A Halloween Bacchanal. Picture your favorite sacrilegious 70’s album covers come to... Read more
L’Enfer a Decadent Night from Drunken Devil
What the hell have I gotten myself into? I thought to myself as my Lyft drove me into the no-man’s land of LA’s downtown warehouse district. We passed tents and homeless missions, strip malls that were empty on a Saturday evening but filled with stores with names written in... Read more