REVIEW: 60Out’s New Dracula and Alice in Wonderland Rooms
It’s not often you get to spend the morning both in Wonderland and with Dracula, but in Los Angeles, anything is possible…especially when it comes to 60Out! A few months back, we explored 60Out’s Titanic room, and had a fantastic time with how much fun it was. When I... Read more
The Cromwell Estate & Escape Room Era Team Up For Halloween Pop Up
This past year, we’ve played both Chapter 1 of The Cromwell Estate and the Benjamin Franklin room over at Escape Room Era. We loved both, as they satisfied different types of escape room cravings for us. This Halloween season, both of these Anaheim-based rooms have teamed up to bring... Read more
Get Locked In A Coffin With The Escape Bus’ Latest Game
Who HASN’T had nightmares of being locked in a coffin? I most definitely have…and let me tell you, it’s terrifying.  The folks over at The Escape Bus are taking that fear, and turning it into their brand new pop-up escape game, Deadringers. Taking place centuries ago, the game takes... Read more
REVIEW: Can You Escape The Elevator Shaft?
For some reason or another, I always seem to wind up in Edward Tandy’s clutches.  Not that I’m complaining at all…I seem to have the most fun when I’m at the mercy of this deranged serial killer who likes to play games with his victims before claiming their lives.... Read more
Tickets for The Basement’s Latest Chapter THE ELEVATOR SHAFT Now on Sale
There’s no denying that we love our escape rooms. They are a great way to exercise your mind AND escape into another really for an hour. THE BASEMENT, located in Sylmar, CA (just north of LA!) is one of our favorites. Not only was it the first major escape... Read more
Can You Escape Red Lantern’s MIDNIGHT ON THE BAYOU?
Sixty years ago, five students lost their lives during the homecoming dance in the barn at Cormier Parish. Now, years later, it is time for your class to reunite and remember all the good times you’ve had. But…something isn’t right. Who are those ghostly voices you hear overheard? And... Read more
Cross Roads Escape Games adds Fun House KIDS!
Our friends over at Cross Roads have some pretty amazing stuff going on for them. Not only is The Hex Room STILL our favorite escape room of all time, but their Fun House room is also a ton of fun. In the past, the age limit for Fun House... Read more
REVIEW: The Bunker Experience: Chapters One and Two
Back in August 2016, I visited a basement in downtown Pasadena, and was transported into a post-apocalyptic future where the world vandals run wild and escaping the bunker we were trapped within was our only hope. I’m of course talking about The Bunker Experience, a fun escape room experience... Read more
ZOE Will Scare You To Death At Escapade Games
The door is shut behind us, and we are plunged into darkness. How did we wind up here? Whose idea was it anyway to come to this house, to try to find (and release) the spirit of a little girl? After fumbling around for a few moments, we remember... Read more
The British are Coming in Escape Room Era’s Benjamin Franklin Themed Room
We’ve done a lot of escape rooms, and for the most part, they have a spooky theme: from serial killers coming to get us, to ghostly children waiting to take our souls away. But never have we ever experienced a Colonial themed one. That is, until this past weekend,... Read more