Horror Classic The Shining Coming to Life at Halloween Horror Nights 2017
This year at Halloween Horror Nights, guests will be able to lose themselves in the psychological horror classic THE SHINING as the Stanley Kubric film comes to life as a new haunted maze at both Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights for 2017! The Shining maze... Read more
Gorlesque Teases but Fails to Climax
Welcome to The Weltzie Society, where the best and most beautiful people come to undergo the process of perfection, to be made complete enough to enter into Paradise. What if you don’t live up to the society’s standards you ask? Well let’s hope that doesn’t happen. Gorlesque: The Twisted... Read more
Twisted Gorlesque to Bring Sexy Scares October 19th
GORLESQUE! THE TWISTED WORLD OF DR. WELTSCHMERZ  ANNOUNCES ITS HALLOWEEN SEASON DATES  Sexy Meets Scary in L.A.’s New Ghoulish Experience, PARADISE GORLESQUE! THE TWISTED WORLD OF DR. WELTSCHMERZ(Gorlesque!) launches an all-new experience for L.A.’s scare fans called PARADISE, beginning Wednesday, October 19 with dates through Sunday, October 30. PARADISE is a mind-altering “haunted house”-style walkthrough experience... Read more