Halloween Maze Comes to Universal Hollywood HHN
“Halloween: Michael Myers Comes Home,” Based on the Cult-Classic Horror Film, Slashes through Universal Studios Hollywood in an All-New Terrifying “Halloween Horror Nights” Maze, Beginning Friday, September 18 Was that the Boogeyman? Indeed it was. Today, Universal Creative Director, John Murdy, announced the all-new maze , “Halloween: Michael Myers... Read more
Knotts Scary Farm 2015 Tracker 2
Can you smell the fog machines? It’s the beginning of August and we are heading straight into Haunt season.  Welcome to  Knotts Scary Farm 2015 Tracker 2.  Knott’s Scary Farm, the original theme park haunt, is now further along in getting things ready for its world-class Halloween Haunt. There have still been... Read more
Virtual Screams Brings Real Terror into Your Home
Here at HorrorBuzz, we like to have regular meetings to make sure the team is all on the same page, and talk about upcoming events. This past weekend, we met to discuss ScareLA coverage, and who was going to do what. As an extra little bonus, Norm invited Ryan... Read more
Jabbawockeez Show Coming to Universal Studios Hollywood HHN
Bye-Bye Bill and Ted, Hello Jabbawockeez. The wildly talented, award-winning hip hop dance group, universally recognized as America’s best dance crew, will bring their innovative choreography, intricate synchronized style and signature white masks to Universal Studios Hollywood in an electrifying, original new show during Halloween Horror Nights. Marking their... Read more
What I Learned About “Fear Is What We Learned Here”
A few weeks ago, many of us within the Southern California haunt community noticed a strange Instagram account, WhatWeLearnedHere, began following us. Honestly, most of us didn’t pay much attention at first. “Oh, cool,” we thought collectively. “Another haunt to check out this season!” But then things got a... Read more
Making Monsters and Makeup for Knotts Scary Farm
It takes a lot to create amazing haunted attractions… from building the mazes, designing the setting for scare zones, creating the shows, and creating the atmosphere which makes the haunt memorable. But above all of these things, it is the monsters that lurk in the fog that haunt our... Read more
Universal Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights Tracker 3
Ladies and gentlemen, we are here with the Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights Tracker #3 .  After one week of being quiet, the news returned a third announcement was made; The Walking Dead: Wolves Not Far. There is more construction visible throughout the park and in the Backlot Metro sets... Read more
Brave New World: Virtual Reality and the Art of the Scare
The anticipation of seeing something new and something scary is a wonderful feeling. Your senses heighten and you seem to be more aware of the events leading up to it. Which is why, on an overcast afternoon in July I stepped out of my car on a quiet street... Read more
Drunken Devil Productions Presents The Sinner’s Soirèe
HorrorBuzz has gotten word that there is a new outfit in town.  One that will turn the haunt community upside down.  Drunken Devil Productions, a new entertainment powerhouse with a focus on live horror attractions and media.  They have just announced their plans to bring its scares to the exciting, downtown Fashion... Read more
Knotts Scary Farm 2015 Tracker
Yes fans, it is the end of July and we are getting ever closer to the lovely time that we call Halloween.  Knott’s Scary Farm, the original theme park haunt, is already getting things in place for its world-class Halloween Haunt. Little has come from Knott’s by way of announcements... Read more