Wicked Lit and the Art of the High Brow Haunt
  Praise be to Wicked Lit, the haunted house that I would take my mother to. I mean this as a compliment. Wicked Lit draws its haunt from the pages of classical literature, appealing to an audience who has a penchant for Gothic stories. Wicked Lit’s scares are mostly... Read more
Haunter’s How-To: The EZGobo
EZGobo™ is a battery-powered LED gobo projector, that can project a custom image anywhere . Its magnetic base affixes to most metal surfaces, eliminating the need for clamps, and the scissor clip with eye loop easily attaches to drop ceiling supports, for quick setup and cable management. Wireless on/off... Read more
Universal Hollywood’s Halloween Horror Nights extends to November 7th
Breaking News: Universal Hollywood’s Halloween Horror Nights extends their run through November 7th In an unprecedented move, Universal Studios Hollywood extended the run of Universal Halloween Horror Nights in Hollywood. Originally ending October 31st, HHN will now run an additional 2 nights, Friday, November 6th and Saturday, November 7th.... Read more
The Haunted Hotel in San Diego
The Haunted Hotel has been terrorizing travelers and guests in the San Diego Gaslamp area for years, delivering classic haunted house scares to thousands of patrons every season.  This year is no different, as the same classic formula is delivered with a well-worn polish and brand new addition called Doll... Read more
Savage House in San Diego is a Hidden Gem
Stop what you are doing and make plans to visit Savage House in San Diego’s Mission Valley right now. Okay, got your tickets?  Okay, good. Now on to the review. Nestled in the far corner of a busy, Target parking lot is probably one of the most wonderful haunts... Read more
All Aboard The Ghost Train!
Nestled in the beautiful environ of Griffith Park, the LA Ghost Train returns for another spooky year, offering up family-friendly chills and thrills as you ride on a miniature train through lots of spooky scenes that will bring a big jack-o-lantern grin to kids of all ages! Lines start... Read more
A Tale of Two San Diego Haunts in 360 degree HorrorBuzz-Vision
The fun thing about HorrorBuzz is that, at its core, a group of enthusiasts that are really good friends as well.  So when Norm called out of the blue, and asked if we wanted to join him on a road-trip to some of the better known San Diego haunts,... Read more
ALONE: Absorption – A Review of the Final Index
Absorption (noun): An assimilating or incorporating or receiving something from the outside. When there is a change in medium and one substance takes on another; the emitted transmission is thus changed. Light is wholly absorbed. It’s been a long journey, but we have finally reached the end of unweaving... Read more
Checking In To Motel 6 Feet Under is Fun For All Ages
Motel 6 Feet Under isn’t your typical haunt. It isn’t a motel that you can check in to, it isn’t a linear walkthrough, and it isn’t looking to make a large profit. So then, what is it? Well, Motel 6 Feet Under is a non-profit haunt that mixes traditional... Read more
Freakling Bros. Terrorize Las Vegas
A good twenty minutes away from the flashing lights of the Las Vegas strip, in a lot behind an unassuming Target shopping center…you can find the best Halloween scares in the state of Nevada. The Freakling Bros. Trilogy of Terror has been a Halloween fixture in Las Vegas since 1976. The... Read more