ALONE: Diffusion – The First Index to Unweave The Rainbow
Diffusion (verb): the movement of molecules or atoms from a region of high concentration to a region of low concentration.; the process by which molecules intermingle as a result of their kinetic energy of random motion. The definition is appropriate, as this past weekend, I was diffused. Though it... Read more
Blackout with Josh Randall
As a seasoned haunt enthusiast I had become accustomed to the mazes and boo-scares that populated the Halloween landscape. Since my first visit to Knott’s Scary Farm’s Halloween Haunt at the age of 6 I found a certain comfort in the unknown. Murky fog and dim corridors are inviting to me. I... Read more
Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights Tracker
The countdown has begun.  Halloween is just a mere 127 days away with festivities beginning even earlier.  As one of the country’s premiere haunt venues Universal Studios Hollywood spares no expense in preparing the absolute best, most terrifying, most unbelievable haunt experiences around. This type of production takes a... Read more
Queen Mary Dark Harbor Announces New Maze!
The Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor rises once again from the deep history of the infamously haunted ship October 1 – November 1, 2015. Dark Harbor is thrilled to unveil the horrific new maze, Lullaby, that tells the tale of the ship’s youngest soul, Scary Mary. In addition to, the chilling... Read more
ALONE: an existential haunting Returns This June
Orlando HHN Announces Freddy Vs. Jason House
Midnight: Killing it with Adrian Marcato, director of Heretic Horror House
Sinister Pointe’s EVENT rewards guests with life and limb!
Attention citizens of Sinister Pointe: We need your help! If you attended THE EVENT, I’d love to hear from you. Stick around and scroll down to add your valuable voice to ours. But first… Allow me to take you on a mission: complete the assigned task within the time allotted (20... Read more
For the best of all worlds, Empty Grave Haunted House delivers!
Dramatic sets, passionate actors, beautiful mood lighting – what more could you ask for? A kiddie fair with a pumpkin patch and petting zoo located in the same lot, perhaps? Empty Grave haunted house has you covered! — The upcoming season promises all new thrills, but drawing from last years thematics: “As... Read more
Blackout: Elements
“Blackout,”  My friend asked, “What is that?  Do they blindfold you or something?”  “They might,” I explained, “Apparently it is, like, the Holy Grail of haunted houses.  You have to be 18, you have to sign a waiver, the actors can touch you.  It’s supposed to be intense.”  So... Read more