Phoenix Forgotten New Featurette
PHOENIX FORGOTTEN is the story of three teens who go into the desert shortly after the incident, hoping to capture the strange events that keep happening in their town. They disappear that night and are never seen again. Now, on the twentieth anniversary of their disappearance, unseen footage has finally been discovered,... Read more
New Clip From Mickey Keating’s PSYCHOPATHS
I am head-over-heels for writer/director Mickey Keating. His moody black-and-white film Darling was suspenseful and shocking, his throwback genre love letter Carnage Park was an amazing cross between The Most Dangerous Game and The Hills Have Eyes…kind of?  And now, he’s ready to unleash Psychopaths upon the world. Set over... Read more
CAMERA OBSCURA Coming to Theaters June 9 and VOD June 13
In CAMERA OBSCURA, a veteran war photographer with PTSD sees imminent deaths in his developed photos, questioning his already fragile sanity and putting the lives of those he loves in danger. Chiller Films announced the release of the anticipated horror thriller Camera Obscura, in theaters on June 9 and on VOD and Digital HD on June 13.  The... Read more
Annabelle Creation Trailer Premieres at WonderCon, Arena filled with shrieks and screams
The lights dimmed as an eery hush fell upon thousands of WonderCon attendees in the arena Saturday afternoon. There were squeals of delight from horror fans as well as shrieks of terror. Then there was nervous laughter as people covered their eyes to shield themselves from a familiar and... Read more
The Control Group Now on VOD
Five college students wake up in an abandoned, locked-down insane asylum – with no idea how they got there and no means of escape. They discover that they are the subjects of secret experiments, but these tests have awakened something that cannot be explained by science. The group must... Read more
Laurie’s Theme / Emma’s Theme from Fan Film HALLOWEEN: THE NIGHT EVIL DIED
So as the editor of HorrorBuzz you get cool little treats that show up on your doorstep every now and again. Yesterday a little package arrived at my “doorstep”. It was a music file for an upcoming fan-made movie based on  John Carpenter’s Halloween franchise. We first met Writer/Director Kohl V. Bladen... Read more
Director Shainberg Ends 10 Year Absence with RUPTURE
Rupture, the new film from writer/director Steven Shainberg is coming to theaters and VOD this spring.  Six years after his debut film Hit Me in 1996, Shainberg hit big with his darkly comedic S&M romance Secretary.   Starring Maggie Gyllenhaal and James Spader as a newly hired secretary and her... Read more
Legendary MISFITS Guitarist Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein to star in DON’T LOOK IN THE BASEMENT Remake
Legendary Misfits Guitarist Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein is set to star in Death Ward 13, a remake of the cult-classic film Don’t Look In The Basement. Doyle is known as the guitar player for the American horror punk band the MISFITS. He will take on the role of the... Read more
THE WICKED ONE Coming to DVD and VOD April 23
The Wicked One will be screening at the Horrorhound Film Festival in Cincinnati, Ohio on Saturday March 18th at 11 am for its last screening before being released April 23.  This is Tory Jones’ directorial film debut and has racked up a few awards at the 2016 Fright Night... Read more
Free Horror Comedy Screening for Pregnant Women: PREVENGE
A pitch black, wryly British horror comedy from the mind of Alice Lowe (“Sightseers,” “Hot Fuzz,” “Paddington”) that’s as funny as it is vicious,  PREVENGE follows Ruth, a pregnant woman on a killing spree. It’s her misanthropic unborn baby dictating Ruth’s actions, holding society responsible for the absence of... Read more