Put On Your “Easter Sunday” Best!
As gory as it is goofy, Easter Sunday is the new movie by Jeremy Todd Morehead starring the late great genre star Robert Z’Dar (Maniac Cop) as a police officer going after killer Douglas Fisher, who, with the help of some meddling teenagers, appears to have risen from the... Read more
Queen Crab Is Unleashed
Queen Crab, the newest film from cult filmmaker Brett Piper (They Bite, The Screaming Dead) has just been released on DVD and VOD. Queen Crab is an exciting throwback to the days of stop-motion animation horror/sci-fi movies, and looks to be a lot of goofy fun. A meteor crashes... Read more
The Kaleidoscope VR Film Festival Lands In Los Angeles This Wednesday
On Wednesday, September 23rd the inaugural Kaleidoscope VR Film Festival will make its way to Los Angeles. As VR technology grows by leaps and bounds and the interest in VR rapidly expands, VR agency Kaleidoscope has gathered together a group of VR filmmakers and short films that they feel strongly... Read more
Toronto Hit BASKIN To Be Released By IFC Midnight
IFC Midnight has just announced it now has all U.S. rights to the Toronto Midnight Madness over-the-top hit BASKIN, a Turkish language horror thriller that was directed by Can Evrenol. The film was produced by Muge Buyuktalas of MO Films and executive produced by Todd Brown of XYZ Films... Read more
New Trailer for “Baskin” Arrives Like a Bat Out of Hell
I really wish I was going to the Toronto Film Festival this year. Frankly, I want to go every year, but if I could go this year I could see the North American premiere of a crazy new movie from Turkey titled “Baskin,” which promises to be a hot ticket... Read more
A PLAGUE SO PLEASANT Infects Everyone September 29th
Wild Eye Releasing has unleashed a new epidemic on the American public.  A Plague So Pleasant will infect home entertainment systems beginning September 29th.  A more dangerous strain than recent efforts, the film has been hailed by undead aficionados as “a miraculous accomplishment” (Zombie Guide Magazine), “an Excellent, Original Zombie Movie”... Read more
Die A Different Way With BLOOD PUNCH
Bluff Road Productions and Midnight Releasing are excited to announce the DVD and VOD release of Blood Punch.  Directed by Madellaine Paxson, the film reunites “Power Rangers RPM” stars Milo Cawthorne, Olivia Tennet and Ari Boyland in a bloody thriller, centered on a murderous love triangle that takes a... Read more
HARBINGER DOWN is the All Practical Creature Film We Want
You guys, I am kind of excited about this one. Harbinger Down came out in early August, but I still have not had a chance to catch it yet. However, it is right up my alley. The film is about a group of grad students that have booked passage... Read more
Alleluia! The Devil’s Carnival Premieres in LA
Last night the new film Alleluia! The Devil’s Carnival premiered to a packed house of fans, filmmakers, and Hollywood notables that included Lucifer, Jesus Christ and God himself. The sequel to the cult hit film, The Devil’s Carnival, is a horror, rock, musical that tells the story of Corporate... Read more


Movie NewsMovies August 1, 2015 1

Matthew Fox (“LOST”) stars in a new dead-people-walking movie, Extinction, opened July 31st, in theaters and on VOD, and it looks like terrific fun.  I’m a sucker for a good zombie flick, and this one looks right up my alley. For nine years, Patrick (Matthew Fox), Jack (Jeffrey Donovan)... Read more