New Stills and a Gruesome Clip From John Watts’ Clown
In preparation for the release of their new film Clown, available on demand and in select theaters on June 17th, Dimension Films has provided us with a series of production stills from the film. These images give us a further glimpse into the mental and physical decay that accompany... Read more
Consumption Ups The Chill Factor
From WildEye releasing and director Brandon Scullion comes Consumption, a tale of ghosts, cults, and demons set in the snowcapped mountains of Utah. When a group of friends go on vacation to a relaxing winter retreat they face a colder reception than anticipated when an unstoppable evil begins to... Read more
Lilith’s Awakening Is A Bright Spot Of Blood
Vampires have usually been portrayed as seductive, haunted creatures, eager to spread their proclivities from person to person in order to create a slave or a partner (or both). Lilith’s Awakening, the new movie by Monica Demes (a graduate of the David Lynch MFA Program), continues that proud tradition... Read more
First Clip From The Blackout Experiments EXCLUSIVE
Gravatis Ventures just delivered an exclusive clip to HorrorBuzz from the upcoming horror documentary, The Blackout Experiments. Directed by Rich Fox, the film follows the journey of four fans of the notorious immersive theatre experience Blackout Haunted House and examines their obsession and personal journeys in connection with the show.... Read more
Teaser trailer for Davide Melini’s Lion
Davide Melini, assistant director on Dario Argento’s Mother of Tears and a number of episodes of Penny Dreadful, along with a slew of horror shorts over the last 10 years has released a teaser for his upcoming film Lion, which is currently in post-production and slated for a Halloween... Read more
First Clip and Stills from Officer Downe
Happy Monday night everyone!  Tonight we get a sneak peek at the upcoming horror thriller, Officer Downe. Based on the graphic novel of the same name, the pic stars Kim Coates as the officer that never stops working and co-stars, Tyler Ross, Lauren Luna Velez (Whom some of you may recognize... Read more
Shortwave is Long on Suspense With Frequency
What would you do if someone you loved just disappeared? A husband, a wife, a child vanishes into thin air, as the cliché goes–how do you react? What will your life be like now? This is the starting point for Shortwave, a new movie by Ryan Gregory Phillips, that explores the... Read more
Shortwave Teaser Trailer Arrives, Premiere Tonight
Tonight the Dances with Films festival is premiering another promising horror pic entitled Shortwave. The teaser was just released and it gives us the creepy feels in all of the right ways. Shot in a sort of flashback, fisheye haziness, then switching suddenly to smash cut horror, the pic... Read more
Atmo HorroX, Your Senses will be Tingling
Sombreself Films presents Atmo HorroX as its latest film in Fantasia’s line-up. The poster here is part of a series of fourteen that will be released through the next few weeks. Atmo HorroX is a psychedelic horror/mystery thriller that takes your senses on a whirlwind adventure. Pat Tremblay is... Read more
Blood and Guts in the Ball Pit With New Clown Clip
Our good friends at Anchor Bay Entertainment and Dimension Films have just released the first clip from the upcoming horror flick Clown, and it’s a doozie. Playing on the all-too common fear of the white-faced jesters, Clown is produced by Horror master Eli Roth that tells the story of... Read more