The Girl in the Photographs Gets April 1 Release
Great news from Vertical Entertainment today.  Following it’s world premiere at the 2015 Toronto Int’l Film Festival, we have another update about “The Girl in the Photographs”. The film will hit theaters on April 1st. Nick Simon’s horror film stars Kal Penn, Claudia Lee, and Luke Baines, and is notable... Read more
All Hell Breaks Loose on March 22nd
First up on the docket today is a new release from Wild Eye Releasing! All Hell Breaks Loose is an insane, Bloody Homage To 70s Biker and Horror Films that is coming your way for a March 22nd DVD and Digital HD release. Jeremy Garner’s Features Ehren McGhehey (Jackass, Portlandia and Casey Vann (Grimm) The film promises to deliver... Read more
Bleed Looks Sanguine Arrives March 25th
It seemed perfect – a new house, a new marriage, a child soon to be born. But when Sarah and Matt invite their friends to celebrate, the situation turns deadly as they enter a burned-out prison on a ghost hunt. As the six friends encounter horrors of this world... Read more
First Trailer for Altar Released
Matthew Sconce‘s Latest Feature to Premiere in 2016 Movie Heroes is excited to unleash the first trailer for Matthew Sconce’s Altar. A group of old friends take a trip down memory lane in the Sierra Nevadas which ends in a bloody fight for survival. Sconce (Stricken) writes the script and... Read more
Michael Keating’s Darling Gets a Release Date
No foolin’.  Michael Keating’s (RITUAL, POD) DARLING will be released on April 1st 2016.  The film follows a lonely young woman who moves into an old, mysterious Manhattan mansion. Hired as caretaker, it’s not long before she discovers the estate’s haunted reputation and troubling past – stories that slowly transform... Read more
Silent Retreat Whimpers When It Should Scream
Ace Jordan’s new movie Silent Retreat has a lot going for it at the outset: good acting, a beautiful location, bloody bits. Ultimately, however, it becomes a muddled mess, with characters you don’t really care about getting slaughtered for reasons that aren’t very clear. And that’s a shame, because it’s... Read more
The Witch Casts a Brooding Spell
Let’s Rant And Rave About “Chatter”
Chatter, directed by Matthew Solomon, is a fun low-budget thriller, with a good, solid cast and enough suspense and ghostly shenanigans to hold your interest up until the (kind of abrupt) ending. David Cole (Brady Smith) and his wife Laura (Sarena Khan) have had to move their relationship online... Read more
“Hotel Inferno” Comin’ At Ya!
Hotel Inferno, directed by Giulio De Santi and releasing in June, will be the first POV action horror movie to put YOU in the middle of the carnage. Hitman Frank Zimosa is hired for a lucrative mission by a rich client. The objective: kill two people in a hotel.... Read more
New Blu-Ray DVD Releases
Today brings us a nice collection of Blu-ray and DVD releases including selections from two masters of the genre. While it received mixed to positive reviews, Crimson Peak promises to be a must-have Blu-ray. Guillermo Del Toro’s sumptuous visual feast will certainly pop on Blu-ray. There is also the rare,... Read more