Marriage Can Be “Deathly”
The new short film, “Deathly,” written and directed by Mike Williamson, is a quick little slice of a marriage gone wrong, starring Alan Ruck (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Speed)and Kathleen Wilhoite. Richard (Ruck), after attending his wife Dianne’s (Wilhoite) funeral, insists upon spending the night back at his home,... Read more
Sundance Midnight Films Announces Selections
Sundance is famous for introducing new filmmaking talent to the scene, as well as debuting new films from established voices. Among the films announced, two of the titles have deep roots in the Southern California haunt and horror community. “Outlaws and Angels” (director and screenwriter: JT Mollner) Mollner is... Read more
Hooking Up With Other Halves
  The upcoming sci-fi horror thriller Other Halves, which recently screened at both the Zed Fest and Another Hole in the Head festivals, stars Lauren Lakis (Dr. Ken), Mercedes Manning (Darren Aronofsky’s upcoming film Zipper), and Sam Schweikert (Hart of Dixie) in a twisted tale of dating in the... Read more
“Plastic Bodies” Takes Us To The Twilight Zone
“Plastic Bodies,” a new short film by Melissa Whitman, tells the story of Lucy (ably played by Kaitlyn Jenkins), an average-sized young woman, who works in a fashionable thrift store downtown. Even though she is in no way fat, Lucy still has a strong urge to “just lose 5... Read more
Haunters The Movie Explores the Science Behind the Scares
For the past several years you have probably seen Jon Schnitzer running around the haunt scene, camera over his shoulder, eternally capturing every ounce of footage he can of Halloween and haunts.  Finally, his work is coming to fruition and he is preparing to share his upcoming film, Haunters... Read more
WTF? Yes, WTF!

WTF? Yes, WTF!

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Peter Herro and Cthulhu Crush Productions have debuted the first trailer for independent slasher WTF! Lensed around Los Angeles this summer, WTF! follows a survivor of a mass killing on a trip with six close friends, when her nightmare threatens to begin again. Herro directs from a script he... Read more
House at the End of the Drive is an Inspired Ghost Story
The “new” film House at the End of the Drive screens this week at Stan Lee’s Comikazee, with film producer David Oman on hand. House tells a fictional story that is inspired by very real, very grizzly events.  In the film, David (James Oliver) is a well-off bachelor who finds... Read more
The Exorcism of Molly Hartley
A new movie, The Exorcism of Molly Hartley, is now available on Digital HD, and you can watch it immediately via online retailers such as iTunes, Vudu, Amazon Instant Video, Google Play, and other platforms. The film, directed by Steven R. Monroe and starring Devon Sawa (Final Destination) and Sarah... Read more
Haunters – A Documentary That Explores The World Of Haunted Attractions
I think it goes without saying that Halloween is, hands down, my favorite time of the year. Growing up with a steady diet of horror films, I also looked forward to the one night I could dress up and pretend to be something I wasn’t, scaring other kids in... Read more
Sonny Mallhi’s Anguish Gets December Release Date
Writer/Director Sonny Mallhi has an interesting view on exorcism films. Mainly the fact that every other horror film seems to be one, and that they never seem to end well for anyone involved in the process of “casting out” the demons. That is why he wants to bring something... Read more