Fright Dome 15th Anniversary on the Las Vegas Strip
Time to grab your tickets and head to the dome. Named as one of the Top 10 haunted houses in the nation by USA TODAY and recognized as one of the best haunted attractions in the world by Travel Channel, Fright Dome is celebrating its 15th Anniversary on the... Read more
Horror Short Three Skeleton Key Creates World of Horror in 10 minutes
It is rare that a film can drop you into a story and at once surround you in atmosphere while giving you an instant understanding of the world the story takes place in. Imagine my surprise when I sat down to watch Andrew Hamer’s new short film Three Skeleton... Read more
Three New Stills From Horror Pic Downrage
We just got three new stills from the upcoming thriller DOWNRAGE and we thought we would share them with you, our dear readers. DOWNRANGE is the terrifying new thriller from acclaimed director Ryuhei Kitamura (The Midnight Meat Train, Versus, Godzilla: Final Wars). Produced by Kitamura and ELEVEN ARTS’ Ko... Read more
Sinister Pointe Productions and IDW Announce HEX Halloween Costume Party
Sinister Pointe is back folks, this year they are getting classy on October 27th and 28th,  as they invite you to raise a glass to the occult and join the coven. Orange County’s eSports Arena will be transformed into ‘HEX’, the most twisted, sinister, Halloween gala outside of Salem.... Read more
DEMENTIA 13 Coming to Theaters October 10
  Chiller Films announced the release of the upcoming horror thriller Dementia 13! The film is set to hit theaters October 6, 2017, then will be released on VOD and Digital HD on October 10 of this year.  The highly anticipated retelling of Francis Ford Coppola’s 1963 film of the same name is directed by Richard LeMay (“The... Read more
Lionsgate Demonic Arriving on DVD October 10
Are you ready to experience the demonic presence that haunts an abandoned house? Of course, you are. From the minds of producer James Wan, director of The Conjuring and Saw, experience the terrifying evil hidden within an abandoned home. Lionsgate Demonic will arrive on DVD, Digital HD and On Demand October 10 to possess your home. This perfect Halloween film stars Golden Globe® nominee Maria... Read more
MIKE BOY will hit theaters September 1st
The secret cult society is alive and well in this action packed thriller. There is no shortage of guns, wits, and cloaked men. Mike Boy is directed, written, and produced by Hamzah Tarzan. The film brings the talents of Hugh Massey, Emily Killian, Robert Sisko, Kateryna Dronova, Gerard Sanders,... Read more
First Trailer for DOWNRANGE Premieres at 2017 TIFF Midnight Madness!
 DOWNRANGE, the terrifying new thriller from acclaimed director Ryuhei Kitamura (The Midnight Meat Train, Versus, Godzilla: Final Wars) will celebrate its World Premiere at TIFF’s Midnight Madness this September.     In the film, six college students are carpooling cross-country when one of their tires blows out on a desolate... Read more
FATE Coming to VOD August 15
Dan Sheldon’s Fate brings the secrets of the space time continuum into your home. Self Destruct Films will be releasing the Sci-Fi film on Digital HD. Fate is Dan Sheldon’s feature length debut. This “time sensitive” film will be available on Digital HD, including Amazon Prime, Google Play and Vimeo... Read more
Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights HHN Tracker 2017 #6
WOW. Two weeks later and we have a ton of new information, tweets, pics, and video for Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights. Some mazes have been revealed; The Shining, American Horror Story: Your Roanoke Nightmare and Ash Vs. Evil Dead. That’s three, yet there are 7 mazes total under... Read more