Zombie Joes Audition Notice, Brave The Dark
Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre is one of our very favorite places to catch live performance. There is an audition coming up for a very special show that could be your chance to join this elite troupe. The award-winning avant-garde ZJU Theatre Group is casting for “BRAVE THE DARK”. This... Read more
HorrorGram – Horror Bodypaint: Corie Willet
What’s up, Horror fam? It’s another gory day in the neighborhood, and I cannot wait to dive into this week’s HorrorGram with you. A lot of you out there in the land of the web are probably familiar with (and watch to death) the various YouTube horror makeup tutorials,... Read more
HorrorGram – Horror Jeweler: Krystal Osborne
Oh, yes my HorrorBuzz fam. You read that header right, so there’s no need to adjust your screens. As you can tell from previous HorrorGram installments, we love everything horror, including art. We aren’t just mindless zombies over here at HorrorBuzz HQ. Mind you, we’ve got culture and lots... Read more
The Free Games of Steam, pt.2: Cry Of Fear
Welcome back to our ongoing exploration of the free horror games available on Steam; this week we’re going to be looking at one of the biggest and most ambitious of the lot, “Cry of Fear.” This game originated as a mod for “Half-Life” which entered development in 2008 and... Read more
Mercy World Premiere at the LA Film Festival
A brand new thriller from writer/director Chris Sparling is premiering at the Los Angeles Film Festival that has us sitting up to take notice. When four estranged brothers return home to say their last goodbye to their dying mother, Grace, hidden motivations reveal themselves. The family’s already tenuous bonds are tested when... Read more
The New Ghostbusters Trailer Scares Me
I was willing to be persuaded. I was willing to be convinced. I was open and accepting of the possibility of a Ghostbusters reboot. And then I saw the first trailer. And it made me want to kick a baby. But I recovered, and I tried to be pragmatic... Read more
HorrorGram: Halloween Horror Nights
Hello, everyone! With the recent announcement of the Exorcist joining the ranks of this year’s haunt line up at Universal Halloween Horror Nights, I thought it appropriate to look back at one of the more popular haunts, HHN! Better yet, we’re going to look through your eyes… er, filters?... Read more
Don’t Let Them In is Inviting Enough
When an author creates, sometimes his creations take on a life of their own. In the short film Don’t Let Them In, writer director David Lawrence fashions a creepy story around an urban legend with mostly effective results. It’s late, there is a knock at the door. It’s a... Read more
Universal Releases The Boy on Bly-Ray May 10th
To celebrate the arrival The Boy on Blur-Ray and DVD May 10th Universal Pictures has launched a new, interactive game online. You can now take a questionnaire to see if you would be a good fit for nanny to the titular character. Don’t let the questions fool you, don’t... Read more
Albert and Otto Falls Flat
“Albert and Otto: The Adventure Begins” has a lot going for it. It’s got a very interesting silhouette-based aesthetic, a rather unique and creepy setting (Germany in 1939), and classic platforming gameplay. What could possibly go wrong? A whole lot, as it turns out. The story in “Albert and... Read more