Haunter’s How-To: The LED Shadow™
In this Haunter’s How-To update, we look at the LED Shadow™.  This light is a blacklight panel wash that delivers stunning effects. Unlike the days of the long, fluorescent tube blacklights, the Shadow is a lot more flexible with the type of lighting it offers.  It can do, of... Read more
The Kaleidoscope VR Film Festival Lands In Los Angeles This Wednesday
On Wednesday, September 23rd the inaugural Kaleidoscope VR Film Festival will make its way to Los Angeles. As VR technology grows by leaps and bounds and the interest in VR rapidly expands, VR agency Kaleidoscope has gathered together a group of VR filmmakers and short films that they feel strongly... Read more
Exodus vs. The Basement: Escape Room Showdown
I recently was able to go to two different “escape rooms” here in Southern California, and, even though I died both times (spoiler alert!) I still had a terrific time.  By the way, if you haven’t read Taylor Winters’ excellent article on escape rooms in Mexico or his equally great article about... Read more
Savage House: San Diego’s Scariest Attraction
I lived in San Diego for ten years while I went to school, and I was lucky enough to watch the insanely creative minds at Savage Productions create Savage House, San Diego’s only fully themed haunt. This isn’t a generic press release–this is me telling you that these guys... Read more
Experiencing “The Strain” and Discovering VR’s Terrifying Potential
VR has captured the imaginations of the HorrorBuzz team. It’s easy for us to see the potential VR has for the horror industry, and the more projects we see the more excited we become. Andrew Cochrane and the Mirada team working on “The Strain” VR Experience At a meetup... Read more
Watch an Intervention Go Wrong in Trailer for POD
Pod is set to release August 28th from Vertical Entertainment, but we have a great new trailer and one sheet for the film. After receiving a troubling voicemail, estranged siblings Ed and Lyla (Dean Cates and Lauren Ashley Carter) travel to their isolated family lake house in Maine to... Read more
Tales from the Crypt: A 3D Reading
Hello, Creeps! If you grew up in the late 80’s to early 90’s, Tales from the Crypt was the show to watch (well after you’d seen every episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark). I would stay up until midnight just to watch big stars trapped in a... Read more
Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights Tracker #4
Ladies and gentlemen, we are here with the Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights Tracker #4 .  The news is coming fast and hard from Universal right now.  In the past week we have had two major announcements.  Halloween Michael Myers Comes Home and This is the End 3D  We... Read more
The Haunted Mansion: What Could Have Been
If you’re anything like me and love Disney and horror, then the Haunted Mansion is your favorite ride at Disneyland. Especially going there as a child, the illusions of ghosts dancing in the main hall, a party in the cemetery, and of course, those stretching paints always captivated my... Read more
Knotts Scary Farm 2015 Tracker 2
Can you smell the fog machines? It’s the beginning of August and we are heading straight into Haunt season.  Welcome to  Knotts Scary Farm 2015 Tracker 2.  Knott’s Scary Farm, the original theme park haunt, is now further along in getting things ready for its world-class Halloween Haunt. There have still been... Read more