DesignerCon 2016 Filled with Creepy Delights

DesignerCon 2016 Filled with Creepy Delights

This past weekend was Designer Con, the premiere convention for creative-types to come out and show off their wares. Held at the Pasadena Convention Center (the same location as ScareLA), hundreds of vendors were on hand to showcase custom creations, original artwork, and a whole lot more.

This was actually my first time attending DCon (as they call it), but I heard a lot about it from friends who went last year. I was certainly glad to have checked it out, because it pretty much blew every expectation I had away.

The amount of amazing creatives we have here in Southern California never ceases to amaze me, as everything on display was pretty incredible. And since we are a horror website, it also made my dark heart happy to see all kinds of creepy things on the convention floor. Not only was their stuff that these talented folks had made, but also some classic stuff from our childhood.

This post is less about how awesome it was (because it was), and more about showing some of the cool stuff I saw all over. If you’re around next year, I highly recommend checking out DesignerCon. My wallet was crying at how much money I wanted to spend, but somehow, I managed to rein it in and now blow my entire paycheck. Be sure to check them out online for information on next year’s convention, by visiting:

Also, shout out to my buddy Rossco SoleTrain for taking these photos for me. Be sure to check out his YouTube for a sweet video from the convention floor in the next few days.

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