Drunken Devil Serves Up Tiki Madness at Curse of the Jungle Drums

Drunken Devil Serves Up Tiki Madness at Curse of the Jungle Drums

Walking into Pele’s Hideaway, it was quite clear that something had happened just moments before. Sure, the music was playing and the alcohol was flowing, but something was…off. Maybe it was the severed head I came across, or the blood decorating the wall, or even the young lady who put her arm in mine and asked me to get her a drink, while the wounds on her chest bled down and ruined her dress. However, none of this should be cause for concern, because it’s just part of a typical Drunken Devil party!

Last weekend, they invited us to experience Curse of the Jungle Drums. This tiki-infused party was their latest in a long line of themed nightlife adventures, and quite frankly, it was their best yet. Taking cues from the colorful and kitschy mid-century tiki culture, Drunken Devil crafted a wonderful little “tiki bar” in Downtown Los Angeles, and invited all of their ghoulish denizens to come play.

This bash centered on Dr. John Washburn, an Indiana Jones-inspired adventurer who has returned with his latest artifact. Of course, said artifact is cursed, and those who have ventured to Pele’s Hideaway to celebrate Dr. Washburn’s return have all been killed. It seems as if the idol has caused everyone to turn on each other, and kill, kill, kill. So that guy with a bullet wound in his forehead? He may be dead, but he’s still having a grand old time!

As per usual with Drunken Devil parties, there is plenty to do and see. For those who like their entertainment a little more titillating, there was amazing performances by burlesque super stars Scarlette Fox, Jessabelle Thunder, and Olivia Bellafontaine. These talented ladies mesmerized everyone in attendance with their moves, and there wasn’t a pair of eyes in the house they weren’t on them.

The Jennifer Keith Quintet was also on hand, performing live music with a bit of 40s/50s flair, which fit perfectly into the evening. The crowd danced along to their music for hours, before the DJ took over and the disco ball came out.

Of course, guests were welcome to throw themselves into this immersive adventure, and learn about the events from the characters wandering around throughout the evening…and even help put their souls to rest by finding the idol itself! These immersive snippets are a not necessary to the overall event itself, but they DO add a lot to the story, and I love how Drunken Devil includes this sort of thing at their parties now. It just gives us a little extra that we can bite into.

And of course, the booze. Oh, how there was booze. The tiki drinks were a-plenty that evening. Some wonderfully crafted cocktails were on hand, themed for the event itself, and kudos goes to the mix master for this wonderful creations. The open bar made sure everyone was well stocked, and continued to keep the fun going all night long. In addition, there were plenty of non-alcoholic drinks, so if you’re NOT  a drinker, you can still get in on the fun.

As I’ve said before, Drunken Devil throws one hell of a party, and creator Matt Dorado deserves a ton of credit. He puts a lot of work into these things, and it shows. If you’ve not been to a Drunken Devil event yet, you should definitely keep an eye out for their Halloween one. You won’t want to miss it. This was their best bash yet, and I am so happy they invited us along.

Also, they have opened some slots for their Sinner’s Club, an exclusive membership that allows you early access to their parties AND a ton of extras. Memberships are prorated, and allow you entry to their October 21st event AND a special dinner party in December. There are only a handful of memberships left, so grab yours before they are gone at: http://thedrunkendevil.com/membership/


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