Mommy Fearist introduces her students to her darker side

Mommy Fearist Feb 12, 2017 0

“Hey Miss Erin, when are you going to write about scary stuff and dance?” I’ve never been a person that fits neatly inside a box. Growing up as a dancer I was the odd ball who wasn’t into princess... Read more

Trollhunters Netflix Series picked up for Second Season

Episodes Feb 9, 2017 0

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Knott’s Berry Farm Screams Against Breast Cancer

Family Friendly Feb 4, 2017 0

Yesterday was a chilly, grey Saturday morning at Knott’s Berry Farm. It was also... Read more

Costumes aren’t just for Halloween Anymore, Says Mommy Fearist

Mommy Fearist Jan 22, 2017 0

When you are five years old and decide to wear your Spiderman costume to... Read more

Mommy Fearist takes a brief look back on 2016

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It’s the start of a new year. The flurry of the holiday seasons are... Read more