Mommy Fearist Needed a Break with Boos

Mommy Fearist Apr 23, 2017 0

After a few rough weeks filled with open houses, conventions, sickness and other shenanigans Mommy Fearist decided it was time for a night out-without the kids. So I called my friend and proposed an evening filled with adventure, spirits... Read more

MONSTER ELEMENTARY Wins a Bronze Medal in the 2017 Independent Publisher Book Awards

Books Apr 15, 2017 0

Monster Elementary and the Egyptian Curse!, the second volume in the Monster Elementary series,... Read more

WonderCon Weekend Wrap Up

Mommy Fearist Apr 3, 2017 1

As I walked out of the Anaheim Convention Center late Sunday afternoon, a familiar... Read more

Mommy Fearist Gives Her WonderCon-First Impressions

Mommy Fearist Apr 2, 2017 0

The Fearist house has been a buzz of excitement and activity leading up to... Read more

Convention Procrastination and Cosplay Miracles Can Happen

Mommy Fearist Mar 26, 2017 0

WonderCon is a week away and I just realized that we don’t have cosplay... Read more