Friday The 13th The Game Gives Free Stuff To Make Up For Troubles

Friday The 13th The Game Gives Free Stuff To Make Up For Troubles

A few weeks back, we reviewed the highly anticipated Friday The 13th The Game when it first came out. Our assessment of it was basically this: when it worked, it’s great. But getting it to work was tricky.

Now here we are, almost a month later, and the game is STILL not functioning at 100% capacity. There are issues a-plenty, such as connecting to games, staying in games, actually being able to play said games…

But again, when it works, hot damn, is the game fun. Hell, being Jason is the COOLEST thing ever, quite honestly.

Gun Media and IllFonic have been working tirelessly to fix the problems, and have been very open and honest with the fan base about how far along they are coming with it. Complaints aside, they are taking it all in stride.

But, as a way to make it up to fans, they are giving away a whole host of free stuff today across all three platforms. And just watch free stuff is this? Well, we can count on…

  • New clothing for all counselors
  • A Double XP weekend lasting June 23rd to June 25th (level up!)
  • 13,000 Customization Points to every account (awww yeah)

That’s great and all, and I appreciate that.

But quite possibly the COOLEST free addition they are giving us?

A ‘Retro’ Jason skin, complete with chip tune music inspired by classic ’80s games as written and performed by Mitch Murder. CHECK IT OUT:

THAT’S RIGHT…re-live the old NES classic game with this awesomely 80s tinted Jason, along with sweet synth.

So be sure to boot up your games today and snag all the free stuff…and then hope you can play with it!


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