The HorrorBuzz Guide To Your Local Arcade

Games Mar 21, 2017 0

Maybe it’s just where I live, but arcades seem to be making a bit of a comeback. They’re not standalone things anymore, though. Instead they seem to be popping up in things like Round One (a combination arcade and... Read more

Camp Sunshine Fumbles In The Dark

Games Mar 14, 2017 0

As I have discussed before, I am quite fond of RPG Maker horror games.... Read more

Spilling The Beans On the Game of Tattletail

Games Mar 8, 2017 0

You remember the Tattletail, right? It was a toy that was kind of popular... Read more

Steam Greenlight Gets A Red Light

Games Feb 28, 2017 0

Valve recently announced that they are shutting down their Steam Greenlight service. Through this... Read more

New Greenlight 2D Horror RPG TOWARDS THE PANTHEON Balances Light-Hearted Charm and Chilling Atmosphere

Games Feb 25, 2017 0

What happens when a warrior, a cat, a cyborg, and a ghost must team... Read more