HorrorGram – Horror Artist: Dug Stanat HorrorGram – Horror Artist: Dug Stanat
Good day, my ghoulish readers! Here at HorrorBuzz, we spend a lot of time searching the deep, dark, webz for the best of the... HorrorGram – Horror Artist: Dug Stanat

Good day, my ghoulish readers! Here at HorrorBuzz, we spend a lot of time searching the deep, dark, webz for the best of the best. We’ve featured everything from your crazy horror hashtags, tattoo artists specializing in the spooky and macabre, all the way to amazing horror special effect/makeup artists. So, I know what you’re all thinking. What’s next?! Well, get ready to turn your collective noses up in the air, grab that closest glass of old grape juice, stick that pinky out, and let’s get sickly-sophisticated. For this week’s HorrorGram is all about art.

Paintings? We got em. Posters and apparel? You bet. Horror based glass blowers? We aren’t sure about that last one, but hey, it could happen! but let’s not get too ahead of ourselves here. Let’s back up a bit, and take a look at the fine art of sculpture. This labor of love dates back to prehistoric periods. Just like me. So, I thought it appropriate to share with all of you, the works of one, Dug Stanat; who like me, is good with his hands. While my references of the latter can be found on the walls countless dive bar bathrooms, Dug’s can be seen in all its grotesque glory, even possibly purchased, and donned in your home to make all of your fiends jealous for years on end (and honestly, what’s better than that?!).

Tell mom to heat up the meatloaf, because we are diving into this week’s HorrorGram head first, and visually devouring Mr. Stanat’s one of a kind sculptures of characters, creatures, monsters, and spirits!

December demon or turtle, your call… #dugosaurus.com

A photo posted by Dug Stanat (@dugstanat) on

Satan, an obligatory classic for my December demons. #dugosaurus

A photo posted by Dug Stanat (@dugstanat) on

I need to hit the lottery, like yesterday, because by the looks of things I need to commision, Dug, to decorate my place with his pieces. Did I say decorate? I meant, litter. Just burn down everything currently on my shelves, and place these bad boys upon the ashes (sorry about your KISS figurines, roommate, but it’s for the greater good). The intricacy Dug whips into his sculptures are absolutely sickening. Everything from the expressions of his character creations, down to the texture, all the way to the final touches of paint are freakin astonishing. If only the Matrix were real… I could download myself into Dug’s head, and marvel at his synapses firing off in explosive, creative, ideas. Drink up his brain milkshake, and make his strength mine!

Maybe I’m taking this too far, but I think I’m in love. Dug, sculpt me like one of your French girls!

December demon, ceramic, 2015. #dugosaurus

A photo posted by Dug Stanat (@dugstanat) on

Do any of you have your own creepy works of horror art to show off? Maybe you own one of Dug’s sculptures! Or maybe you decided to throw a bunch of fake blood on your newborn baby and want to call it art. Well, either way, we want to see them (what do we know about art anyways?!). Do the hashtag thing, and use the #HorrorBuzzHorrorArt on those pictures! Come on, we know you want to. Until next time, fiends. We’ll scare ya later!

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