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New revelation and new secrets continue to emerge in Siverhöjd. Have you seen the last two episodes? You haven’t then you should go on over to Shudder and watch the series we are in love with. We’ve been keeping up with Jordskott on Shudder, where all things horror lives and duels, and we can not share enough good things about the series!  Head on over to Shudder and watch the first two episode now! Let’s recap what has happened so far, shall we?

Detective Eva returns to her hometown of Silverhöjd after her estranged father Johan Thörnblad’s suicide. Seven years have passed and the loss of Eva’s daughter, Josephine, still haunts her but another young boy’s similar missing case leads Eva to uncover Silverhöjd’s supernatural secrets that many wish to keep buried.

Eva has been gathering information about Josephine’s disappearance since her arrival and thus has caused her to create new enemies. Detective Wass and Tom are trying to piece together the evidence they have gathered but seem to be getting farther from the truth. Josephine begins to deteriorate in health which means their time to find the truth is running out. 

Eva’s father’s illness is revealed to be the same as Josephine which opens new questions up. Anton’s investigation is at a standstill, but an unknown clue may hold the key to his where abouts. New players in the disappearance surface as Eva and Tom investigate a new murder. The longer this investigation last the longer the list of dead gets. Who’s going to be next?

An incident in the woods causes Detective Wass to investigate a stream in the forest, alone. The supernatural is slowly surfacing as Wass follows the leads. Does Wass know the truth behind all the incidents and what goes on in the forest? Could something be lurking in the dark shadow?

Eva’s determination to find evidence of Josephine’s true identity may cause new consequences. Sometimes not knowing may be the best thing because what if what you find isn’t the same as it once was? 

Haven’t watched the first two episodes? What are you waiting for, head over to Shudder and dive into Silverhöjd’s mysteries! New episode ever Thursday! Don’t be a stranger, until next time!


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