JORDSKOTT Episode 9 Reveals All And What A Show!

JORDSKOTT Episode 9 Reveals All And What A Show!

The clues are coming together and we could not be more excited to see where they lead to or in this case who? Jordskott is worth your time and space especially if you love suspense thrillers with a bit of horror in them. Episodes 1 through 8 are available exclusively on Shudder, an online streaming platform for the hardcore Horror fan! If you want to know why Jordskott has become our obsession then head over to Shudder and be mesmerized! Now time to see what episode 9 had in store for us. 

Detective Eva returns to her hometown of Silverhöjd after her estranged father Johan Thörnblad’s suicide. Seven years have passed and the loss of Eva’s daughter, Josephine, still haunts her but another young boy’s similar missing case leads Eva to uncover Silverhöjd’s supernatural secrets that many wish to keep buried.

Episode 9 was a bombardment of revelations. Eva has crazy super senses and Wass is a super bad ass! Who knew an old detective such as himself could still be quick. Even though he has supernatural powers it might not be enough to confront the true enemy. Wass will try everything to help repair the damage the Thörnbald company has done!

Tom continues to dig for answers after finding Emma’s red jacket at Eva’s place. The only person he can trust is Wass but little does he know Wass has his own secrets to keep. Tom puts his job on the line in order to prove Eva took Emma but Wass and Eva have other plans. Tom is close to discovering the truth. When he finds the truth will he be able to accept it?

Silverhöjd is thrown into chaos after five children disappear from the hospital. The Bureau of Investigation is thrown into turmoil trying to figure out who took them. Wass and Eva must act fast if they want to stop the disappearances. Eva kept her promise but someone will never honor it.

Josephine’s whereabouts are finally revealed to Eva but her discovery is not coincidental. Nothing comes for free and Eva’s price is a costly one. A mother will do anything to protect her child even sacrifice the life of another. Nothing is ever a simple choice for Eva.

The ending of the episode is what has us speechless. All we can say is shots were fired and we do not know who came out a winner. If you are curious to the fate of Eva and the entire town of Silverhöjd go over to and join in our obsession, you won’t regret it. Catch a new episode every Thursday! Keep tuning in to find out more about Jordskott!

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