Knott’s Scary Farm Haunt Tracker 2017 #3 From the Shadow Lands

Knott’s Scary Farm Haunt Tracker 2017 #3 From the Shadow Lands

Welcome, fiendish readers to another Knott’s Scary Farm Haunt Tracker update. A small trickle of information has been coming from Knott’s about what we can expect to see this fall when Knott’s Scary Farm opens the gates on September 21st but we have take the time to put pictures, links, and even video together for you in one place to get you as excited as ever for the best time of the year.

The official Knott’s Facebook page has been the place to go for getting official announcements and news coming from the park. They have actually been pretty active lately. There is a great spot promoting Haunt and Ghost Town Streets, then the announcement of two mazes for Scary Farm’s 45th year of fear, then the invitation to the big, annual announcement presentation.

Okay so seriously the amount of work done recently has been insane. Two weeks later and the park is slowly  becoming a mish mash of macabre and make-believe. The maze under Xcelerator is pretty identifiable at this point and we are excited. In the meantime, it you know just where to look at certain times you can see into Haunt future and all of the terrors in store.


Camp Snoopy

We are hoping and praying that The Hollow scare zone returns again. We really dug the pumpkin and scare crow, New England motif going on and hope to see more of it. Meanwhile we can confirm new construction under the stage coach path as we see fresh plywood and scenery being installed in this hidden space.


A nice chunk of rooftop scenery juts out above the walls


Yeah that looks like it is going to be one serious maze. Please oh please let this be a maze.

Over at Reflection Lake we still see no real progress on any sort of maze in this area.  It was about this time last year that both the Sierra Railroad and Hot Air Ballon Races were going down for refurbishment and foundations were being built. Will Gunslinger be returning? Will another maze take this spot? Will anything pop up here?



We now venture into the back end of the park where bright colors and high-octane thrills reign.  Well, that and the brand new Boardwalk BBQ food location.  We covered that briefly in out last Haunt Tracker with a quick video, but will be getting an in-depth report up this coming week along with a planned big announcement from the park on August 16th.

There isn’t too much happening behind the construction walls just yet. Sure the earth movers are shoving things around a bit but other than that, well…



Xcelerator Maze

While not officially announced it is pretty safe to say that Shadowlands could be returning. This was the best maze at any halloween venue last year in our opinion and we can’t wait to see how they tweak it for this coming year.

Here is our ride by of the construction.


We still haven’t heard much of anything regarding the Boardwalk Ballroom and what will be happening in here. We just know that something dark is happening inside though. Will we have another icy tour in store?

Ghost Town

It seems fitting that the highest concentration of mazes is in the revered Ghost Town area of the park.  Lucky us we wandered right up to the Wilderness Dance Hall and saw the following.

Now if that isn’t Red Barn being being built then we don’t know what it is. Time will tell as the big announcement event will be held on August 31st!

Finally we peek backstage to see what treasures are hidden just beyond the fence.

Trick or Treat: Lights Out

First up is Trick Or Treat Lights Out! A twist on the fan-favorite Trick Or Treat, This promises to be a darker, scarier maze than before. No more fun and games kids.

Tooth Fairy

It was also recently announced by Knott’s on Facebook that Daniel Miller’s brutal Tooth Fairy maze will be making a return for another year of extracting fear from guests. While this one is getting long in the tooth, we love this unnerving nightmare.


The Voodoo that They Do

Peeking through the fence near GhostRider we can easily see what looks like the beefed up ending of Voodoo with Paranormal Inc. untouched just beyond. That is fine with us as both are stellar mazes that we would not mind seeing for another haunt.



Knott’s Scary Farm Announcement Event

They have also begun selling tickets to the annual announcement event held at the park This is one of the coolest things to be able to go to and if you haven’t been, you really are missing out. It is here that ALL is revealed.

We are also assured of the return of the grandaddy of Scare Zones, Ghost Town Streets.

There you have it! Now, are you absolutely dying to go to Haunt yet? Then please come with us!

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