Laurie’s Theme / Emma’s Theme from Fan Film HALLOWEEN: THE NIGHT EVIL DIED

Laurie’s Theme / Emma’s Theme from Fan Film HALLOWEEN: THE NIGHT EVIL DIED

So as the editor of HorrorBuzz you get cool little treats that show up on your doorstep every now and again. Yesterday a little package arrived at my “doorstep”. It was a music file for an upcoming fan-made movie based on  John Carpenter’s Halloween franchise.

We first met Writer/Director Kohl V. Bladen last summer at the inaugural Midsummer Scream event in Long Beach, California. He was mounting his dream project, a fan film that picked up the storyline of Michael Myers after the events that took place in HALLOWEEN RESURRECTION.

HALLOWEEN: The Night Evil Died was to follow Emma and her friends who decide to take a road trip to Haddonfield to meet her Great Grandmother Pamela Strode. Michael returns to put the Myers and Strode family names to rest. An ambitious undertaking to be sure. But Bladen was confident he would get it off the ground. Yesterday we at HorrorBuzz found out just how determined he was when we received the music file titled, “Laurie’s Theme / Emma’s Theme” After a quick call we got permission to share it with you.


Leaving behind the synth-heavy retro sound pioneered by Carpenter with his iconic score from the original, composer RenĂ© Gijzemijter took a cue from the 90’s Halloween installments and developed a much more orchestral sound palette for this project. Referencing the simple, plaintive chords of Laurie Strode’s theme from the original he blends them with the slightly more hopeful notes of Emma’s refrain.

No the actual film is not ready to be fully scored. In fact principal photography doesn’t begin until Wednesday. However, Gijzemijter has already begun building a musical soundscape that will hopefully complement the storyline.

A huge thank you to Bladen, Gijzemijter and the producers of this project for sharing this snippet from the score to HALLOWEEN: THE NIGHT EVIL DIED. This is a project that will not make any money. It is a fan project born from the sheer passion for the characters and the art of filmmaking. We wish the team well and can’t wait to see the finished project.

HALLOWEEN: THE NIGHT EVIL DIED will star Emily Lanelle as Emma Tate, Sarah Cortez as Carlie Hill, Brandon Tyler Russell as Shawn Carpenter, Juli Erickson as Pamela Strode, Emily Pearse as Kirsten Dunham, Loyal Thomas Ruddell is playing Sheriff Andrew Brackett, and Tony Moran as Michael Myers. The Film is written by Kohl V. Bladen and Jeffrey J. Moore. The film is being produced in a joint effort by Vaughn-Michael Pictures and Final Stop Pictures.

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