We have a new Obsession, Jordskott on Shudder

We have an incredible new series for you to obsess over and it is available only on Shudder. We’ve been watching the series and we are hooked!  You can catch the first episode now on Shudder and take my word you will never look at nature the same way again. So here’s a little insight to the first episode!

Detective Eva returns to her hometown of Silverhöjd after her estranged father Johan Thörnblad’s suicide. Seven years have passed and the loss of Eva’s daughter, Josephine, still haunts her but another young boy’s similar missing case leads Eva to uncover Silverhöjd’s supernatural secrets that many wish to keep buried.  

Eva’s return to Silverhöjd comes as no surprise to the town’s people but Detective Wass knows of her true intentions. Eva’s grief to her father’s suicide is nothing compared to that of losing a child. The recent missing child’s case brings back memories of Josephine. Eva is certain this case in no different than the one from seven years ago, could she be right?

Detective Wass seems like a veteran when it comes to missing cases. Don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing, but he will do everything is his power to find Anton, the missing child. Eva’s arrival though could make things complicated and dangerous. Can Detective Wass and Eva settle their differences in order to find Anton?

Meanwhile, Detective Tom Aronsson seems to be in way over his head. The only cases he has worked on before are parking tickets and stolen cars. He is learning as he goes but he might not be able to learn fast enough. Things seem to escalate quickly in Silverhöjd. Detective Tom will have to find new strength to continue with the case.

Silverhöjd’s forest might hold the key to unlocking everything but it may be a fight Detective Eva, Wass, and Tom aren’t prepared for. New counters will test their beliefs and partnerships. Everyone in Silverhöjd has a secret to keep but one thing is for sure, no one is safe. 

Catch Jordskott now exclusively on Shudder! New episodes added every Thursday! 


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Rosalia likes to spend her nights watching Netflix or reading a good book. Her interest for horror came from a very young age. Her mother nurtured this obsession and she thanks her for it. She also thanks the film IT for her dislike for clowns. She is currently finishing her Bachelor Degree in Cinema and Television Arts and hopes to be behind the camera shooting the next big thriller.

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