Shriekfest Film Festival Unveils Short Film Selection

Shriekfest Film Festival has revealed the official selection of short films for their 17th edition of the festival.   Thirty-Five extraordinary short films will grace the 2017 line up!  The films come from different countries including Australia and the United Kingdom. The states are not left out with films from California, North Carolina, New York, Washington, Texas, Massachusetts, Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Minnesota.  With a long list of shorts, there is sure to be a film for everyone to enjoy. Denise Gossett (Festival Director) said “I love our shorts program and so does the community, it’s a definite must see!”.

The Official Selections:

“Agatha” directed by Timothy Vandenberg

“Tethered” directed by Daniel Robinette

“DaemonRunner” directed by Tristan & Kiah Roache-Turner

“Foxwood” directed by Trevor Dillon and Ian Hock

“Classified” directed by Kevin McMahon and Andy Dylan

“Hidden Daylight” directed by Adrienne Lovette

“Conduit” directed by Tim Earnheart

“Santapocalypse” directed by Jeff Hamm

“Megrim” directed by Stuart Valberg

“Blood Sisters” directed by Caitlin Koller and Lachlan Smith

“Burn” directed by Judson Vaughan

“The Witching Hour” directed by Riley Geis

“Six 2nds to Die” directed by James Card

“Withheld” directed by James Bowsher

“The Things They Left Behind” directed by Sara Werner

“Good Morning” directed by Tim Clark

“Jack” directed by Peter Hutton

“Humbug” directed by Matt Thiesen & Justin Lee

“The Armoire” directed by Evan Cooper

“Play Day” directed by Gregory Mazzola

“Savor” directed by Marc Cartwright

“Bride of Frankie” directed by Devi Snively

“Still Here” directed by Ryan Kreston

“Ghosted” directed by Sevgi Isabel Cacina

“Remnants” directed by David Ugarte

“Red Handed” directed by Chris Ramos

“Cherry Pepper” directed by Grant Withington

“Echoes of the Passed”  directed by Scott Lyus

“Psycho Therapy” directed by Staci Layne Wilson

“The Illustrator” directed by Quentin Ransohoff

“Nightlight” directed by Kyle Daly

“J” directed by Nick Psinakis

“Secretions” directed by Goran Spoljaric

“Miscast” directed by Carsten Kurpanek

“Excarnate” directed by Ryan Schaddalee

Shriekfest Film Festival will take place October 5 through October 8, 2017. An opening night party will take place at Bar Sinister in Hollywood while the rest of the festival will be at the iconic Raleigh Studios on Melrose Blvd.

Shriekfest, now in its 17th edition, was created in July 2001 by Denise Gossett and has grown into the longest-running and one of the largest horror and sci-fi film festivals in the country. This year marks the first time Shriekfest will be bi-coastal with Shriekfest Orlando on October 21st.  Since its inception, Shriekfest has offered young and upcoming writers, actors, and producers a chance to have their work screened and rated by peers.

For more information on the Shriekfest Film Festival visit their website. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

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