THE DARK TAPES Dips Its Feet Into Cosmic Horror
The Dark Tapes, directed and entirely self-financed by director Michael McQuown, is a horror anthology in 3 stories with a wraparound that loosely bundles everything under a theme of extradimensional beings that exist all around us, outside of our perception. I’ll get to the wrapround in a minute, but... Read more
These Folks Have 20 Seconds To Live
A new anthology series has reared it’s creepy, twisted little head: 20 Seconds To Live. Each two-to-three-minute episode is like a gory little O. Henry story, complete with a twist ending, and in every one, at some point, one of the characters has 20 seconds to live. The filmmakers even... Read more
Tales of Halloween Premieres at Screamfest
Tales of Halloween is an anthology film all about all hell breaking loose in a small town on Halloween. With 11 directors contributing to it, we get 10 different perspectives and stories that take place on that night. This is a great new addition to the Horror genre for “Halloween”... Read more
Tales of Halloween Panel at Scare LA!
If you are on this website and you are reading this article… I am going to make a wild guess that you may love Halloween. And maybe Horror movies about the most spooky holiday of the year. I have great news for YOU! There is a NEW Horror movie... Read more
Tales Of Halloween Brings Anthologies Back
I love me a good horror anthology film. They have been scarce lately, with Trick R Treat amazing us a few years ago, and the V/H/S series showing us it’s still a viable type of film. But this Halloween, things will change a little bit. This year, Tales of... Read more
Uncle Mike Reviews: The ABCs of Death
“A short story is like a quick kiss in the dark from a stranger.” –Stephen King 26 directors. 26 letters of the alphabet. One wild movie. The producers gave each filmmaker one letter of the alphabet, five thousand dollars, three minutes of screen time, and complete artistic freedom, as... Read more