Avoid The Inevitability At All Costs
I will fully admit that I was lazy in picking The Inevitability to be the subject of this week’s column. I went onto Steam and looked at the most recently released games with the “horror” tag. I saw a game with a plot summary that sounded kind of interesting... Read more
A GIRLS FABRIC FACE Should Have Stayed Covered
A Girls Fabric Face is a game which does not know that it needs an apostrophe in that title. That right there should have been a warning to me. The incredibly generic screen shots on the Steam page should have been my next warning. I got suckered in by... Read more
Camp Sunshine Fumbles In The Dark
As I have discussed before, I am quite fond of RPG Maker horror games. I also love slasher flicks and 16-bit nostalgia. So it seemed like Camp Sunshine was made just for me, a 16-bit RPG Maker horror game paying homage to classic summer camp slasher films. “What’s not... Read more
Spilling The Beans On the Game of Tattletail
You remember the Tattletail, right? It was a toy that was kind of popular in the late 90s that talked and learned things and looked kind of like a furry bird? Oh wait, that’s a Furby. Tattletail is a game that leans hard on 90s nostalgia for toys like... Read more
Resident Evil Banned Footage, Vol. 2 Should Have Stayed Banned
“Resident Evil 7: Biohazard” was an absolutely brilliant game. It brought together the best elements of the classic and modern “Resident Evil” games while still adding new ideas into the mix. Then, it was followed up with the DLC pack “Banned Footage, volume 1” which added three creepy and... Read more
“Resident Evil 7” Wastes No Time Delivering Extras
I have already talked about “Resident Evil 7” at length. It is no secret that I love the game. However, less than a month after the game’s release, a downloadable content pack has already been released for it. I’m not a fan of games releasing DLC so quickly after... Read more
Welcome To The Family, Resident Evil 7
I love the Resident Evil series, but over the last few years it’s been a difficult love to maintain. Sure, the “Revelations” spin-off series has been pretty solid, but everything else coming out of the franchise over the last decade or so has been some form of disaster. Resident... Read more
Yume Nikki Video Game History Part 4, Relative Mainstream Breakthrough
Previously in this series we have talked about the game “Yume Nikki,” the sequels made by its fans, and other games which draw influence from it. Today, we’re going to take a look at the newest element of the “Yume Nikki” phenomenon, products that are actually for sale instead... Read more
Yume Nikki, pt. 3: Game Changers
Last week, we took a look at the Yume Nikki sequels made by fans of the original game. However, those are far from being the only games that Yume Nikki inspired. There are, in fact, a whole host of other games which draw from Yume Nikki without adhering strictly... Read more
Yume Nikki, pt.2: Fan Sequels
Last week, we talked about a weird little Japanese freeware game called “Yume Nikki.” This week, we’re going to take a look at its sequels. Now, you may recall that “Yume Nikki” was made by a reclusive developer who never officially finished making the game. How then, could this... Read more