Avoid The Inevitability At All Costs
I will fully admit that I was lazy in picking The Inevitability to be the subject of this week’s column. I went onto Steam and looked at the most recently released games with the “horror” tag. I saw a game with a plot summary that sounded kind of interesting... Read more
Beware The Slenderman Poster Released
If you know anything about pop culture and urban legends you know The Slenderman. A faceless figure, dressed in a black suit who abducts people, taking them to who knows where. In some cases this malevolent, inter dimensional being provokes people to kill for him.Originating from CreepyPasta, this internet... Read more
Slender: The Arrival – Review
We’ve gotten to the point where Slender Man has cemented a place in our pop culture mythos. A true “child of the internet,” Slender Man was literally created before our eyes, but has bypassed our computer screens to become a thing of real horror. A thing where little girls... Read more