Avoid The Inevitability At All Costs
I will fully admit that I was lazy in picking The Inevitability to be the subject of this week’s column. I went onto Steam and looked at the most recently released games with the “horror” tag. I saw a game with a plot summary that sounded kind of interesting... Read more
A GIRLS FABRIC FACE Should Have Stayed Covered
A Girls Fabric Face is a game which does not know that it needs an apostrophe in that title. That right there should have been a warning to me. The incredibly generic screen shots on the Steam page should have been my next warning. I got suckered in by... Read more
Camp Sunshine Fumbles In The Dark
As I have discussed before, I am quite fond of RPG Maker horror games. I also love slasher flicks and 16-bit nostalgia. So it seemed like Camp Sunshine was made just for me, a 16-bit RPG Maker horror game paying homage to classic summer camp slasher films. “What’s not... Read more
Spilling The Beans On the Game of Tattletail
You remember the Tattletail, right? It was a toy that was kind of popular in the late 90s that talked and learned things and looked kind of like a furry bird? Oh wait, that’s a Furby. Tattletail is a game that leans hard on 90s nostalgia for toys like... Read more
Steam Greenlight Gets A Red Light
Valve recently announced that they are shutting down their Steam Greenlight service. Through this service, developers had to pay a one-time fee to be allowed to put games up on Steam. The Greenlight games were then voted on by the community and those that passed were put up onto... Read more
Horror Game We Know The Devil Has Surprises For All
We Know The Devil is a game that I had never heard of until it popped in my queue of recommendations on Steam. The title alone was enough to grab my interest, but then there were the odd screenshots and the promise of a visual novel that was also... Read more
Francisca Stinks. Plain and Simple.
After my review of “Emily Wants To Play,”  some of you readers may have asked yourselves: “What would it be like if this game were even worse?” Unfortunately for me, I have found out the answer to that hypothetical. The answer is that it would be “Francisca.” “Francisca” is... Read more
Pony Island is a Perfectly Ordinary Game That ALL Should Enjoy Now
“Pony Island” is a perfectly ordinary game. There is nothing unusual about “Pony Island.” Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying. “Pony Island” is fun for the entire family. Please look no further. Everything below is a series of lies solely intended to smear the good name of “Pony... Read more
Inside Turns Out to be a Nearly Dimensional Game on Steam
I’ll admit that I was a bit gun-shy going into “Inside.” It’s a game that clearly belongs to a certain trend of recent horror games, and the last one of that style which I played, “Albert & Otto” was definitely a flop. The screenshots on Steam just looked so... Read more
The Free Games of Steam, pt.2: Cry Of Fear
Welcome back to our ongoing exploration of the free horror games available on Steam; this week we’re going to be looking at one of the biggest and most ambitious of the lot, “Cry of Fear.” This game originated as a mod for “Half-Life” which entered development in 2008 and... Read more